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Done It Again – Day 31

I think this is the first blogathon where I’m saying this but I’m so glad it’s over. This year was really a difficult one. I often felt like dropping out yet once I started I couldn’t. So I really apologize for the lack of content and mindless posts. I’m pretty disappointed with myself!!

But that being said, it’s a great tradition and I like being part of it. I love to read some of my favorite blogs. I love the buzz on WordPress. It’s a great community feeling. I love when we cheer for each other or just send virtual hugs. It makes ‘writing whatever’ worth it.

This was my 6th blogathon and I’m happy that I completed successfully!! I know how difficult it has been for a lot of you, with full time jobs, kids and everything else!! So kudos to all of us !!

Every year I feel if I can do straight 31 posts I can at least do one post each week but that never happens. But never say never. It’s something I would really want to do. So let’s see what happens this year !!

Cheers to all of us !! It doesn’t matter whether we skipped a day or missed a post. To me every January we know it’s going to be difficult but we still want to do it. That’s what matters !! So on that high note I want to give all of you a virtual high five ✋!! Thanks for sticking around 🙏🏽 !! Hope to see you soon… till then take care !!



Me – Day 30

This is the story of my life. But when I look at the words staring at me, I realize two things….

• There are so many people who do not deserve the number of chances I give them. There is a close relative with whom my head tells me I should be done but the heart doesn’t listen. Sadly, it’s something I can’t force myself to do no matter how much I wish otherwise!!

• And there are those I wish I was not done with. Some long forgotten relationships I wish I had given more chances.

But I guess that’s how it is !! On a side note, 1 more day to go … phew 😅


Different People Different Emotions – Day 29

In a span of a few hours I witnessed so many different emotions on different people’s faces. Today we had some work in New York City. So while driving down to the station I saw people honking, cursing and driving dangerously to get to the station, typical weekday rush hour with impatience and urgency!!

Sitting in my window seat, whenever the train stopped at any station I saw people running to the train to get in. Then those who were at the far end looked hopeless and with every step closer to the train, I could see their hope. And the expression once they stepped in was priceless. At one point I started to almost pray for an older gentleman man at the very far end to be able to make it. I felt happy when he stepped in.

At the Indian consulate, I saw a couple who looked frantic because they needed an emergency visa to India. The girl looked very disturbed and later I found out her mum is in the ICU !! There was another family of 4 wanting an emergency visa to India as well. I saw not only worry but a feeling of helplessness too. But on the other hand I also saw the officials giving them assurance and hope that the work would be done soon.

Different people and so many different emotions. I was just a spectator watching at the world around me. Even though I’ll probably never see them again, tonight I just want to say a silent prayer especially for the two families!! I’ll never know what has happened in the hours since or what’ll happen but my prayers are with them !!


Rambling – Day 28

Today’s day has been a weird one … we woke up to some good news… then we had a glitch which was kind of resolved with a couple of phone calls…. there was a lot of running around to take care of certain things… now I’m dead tired and tomorrow is going to be another super busy day…. hopefully we’ll get everything done according to our plans….

Amidst everything, I don’t know why but I was super cheerful and full of energy… it felt good… on any other day with so much going on I would have skipped working out but today I didn’t look for an excuse… that’s definitely something I feel good about!!

I know this is a rambling-not-making-sense kind of post buts that’s all I have for today!!


Hooked – Day 27

So it all started last week when Daughter had a school holiday and hubby was off to work. In the afternoon, after lunch Daughter wanted to watch a movie together. So we got ourselves some popcorn and snuggled on the couch with a blanket. Bliss, right ??!!

Fast forward half an hour the popcorn bowl was half empty, both of us were irritated with each other because we couldn’t find something that both of us liked. She wanted to watch one of her tween series and I absolutely hate those. Just when I was about to give up, I chanced upon a series called Just Add Magic on Amazon Prime. Daughter was initially hesitant and didn’t want to watch but luckily I coaxed her in it. More than me I thought it’s something she might like and would be a good break from the mindless stuff she watches. And now we’re hooked !! Yes you got that right !! WE, as in both of us !!

It’s a fun series about 3 friends and magic… lots of magic !! Generally Daughter has tv time, only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for 1 hour. These episodes almost always finishes with a cliff hanger. I’m ashamed to admit this week so many times I was tempted to let her watch on week days or worse watch while she was at school. But that child of mine has made me promise I won’t be sneaky 😐😐.

I must admit I’ve loved watching it with her and we’ve had loads of fun together trying to guess who’s the villain and so on. Hubby can’t believe it that I’m so hooked on this show.

Now she’s at rehearsal and hubby will go to pick her up in a bit. I have to finish my work before they come back as we have some ‘watching’ to do. So bye for now!!


Coffee Time – Day 26

My daughter loves it when I ask her to make a cup of coffee on the rare occasion I need another cup in the evening. I generally buy a box of flavored coffee pods during the winter. She loves digging through the box and getting a flavor. I’ve found they all taste kind of similar no matter how fancy their names are. But I humor her and try guessing the flavors.

She loves to operate the keurig since it makes her feel ‘old enough’ to be left alone in the kitchen. Often she’ll surprise me by getting the chalk cup and writing a message. And I feel so good reading those messages.

This tray she handed me on Wednesday evening after hearing that I wasn’t able to take a shower since morning as there wasn’t water and also no gas. She wrote me a message saying, ‘Hang in there, mommy… be stinky for a day’!!


Piano Lessons – Day 25

So shortly after moving here, I found a good piano teacher for my daughter. She comes home and gives her lessons. The arrangement worked perfectly. The first month worked perfectly and very early on I saw that she had this habit of rescheduling.

Initially I was fine. But almost every other week she had some problems. Half an hour before a class my phone would buzz with her informing me of sickness, car breakdown, dad’s sudden surgery, parent’s surprise visit, few more sicknesses and so on. It’s come to a point where I don’t know whether I believe her or not.

When she’s here, she teaches beautifully. My daughter also likes her a lot. These days it’s like today she says she has a nasty cold and tomorrow she calls up sounding perfectly fine wanting to do a makeup class. I’m at a loss. My daughter doesn’t want me to find another teacher.

It’s extremely difficult to keep track of payment if we do so many make up classes. And most importantly, in my opinion it’s bad for my daughter. She’s just a beginner and it’s like this teacher graces us with one or two classes a month. My daughter plays the piano beautifully for her level and her teachers have all said she’s quite natural. But I’m scared with this kind of irregular classes, she won’t progress. Already doing the same songs repeatedly has made it boring for her. She looks forward to the classes and every week is disappointed.

I’ve started to look at other places. I’m still not sure what to do but I think I’ll have to make a call soon even if my daughter doesn’t like my decision.


Blessed are those…. – Day 24

Blessed are those who don’t like to eat🙄

Blessed are those who don’t put on weight in spite of eating (yes, there are such blessed people and I happen to know them) 😡

Blessed are those who don’t find it difficult to paint their toe nails due to obvious reasons 🤦🏻‍♀️

Blessed are those who are able to say I can still fit into clothes from 10 years ago…. actually cross that I can also fit in clothes from 10 years back but sadly then I had all the excess pregnancy weight to loose and 10 years later I still have that excess weight and probably more to loose 😥

Blessed are those love to work out 🏋🏽‍♀️

Blessed are those who have good writing topics ✍🏼

Blessed are those who aren’t reading this 😜


Day off – Day 23

Today I was kind of forced to take the day off !! Nope I’m not sick…. something happened in our community and it seems we’ll not get water till evening. Thank god I have lots of bottled water. As I was talking to our community manager, she told me even the gas lines are shut off due to some leakage. On checking my connection, I found out it was my lucky day… no water, no gas !! That means no cooking 😜. I had other things to take care off but not much. It almost feels like an unexpected holiday 😀😀

I have some snack items for Daughter which she can eat after she gets back from school. So that’s a relief!! Hopefully things will be back to normal and I’ll be able to cook dinner. But till then I’ll sit back and chill. Today was my perfect day to catch up on tv shows… bliss !!

Hope you guys are having a great Wednesday as well. 2 more days till the weekend!!


10 Years … Life Then n Life Now – Day 22

I think I’m finding this year’s Blogathon to be one of the most difficult ones. There have been numerous occasions where I thought I’ll just give up but here I’m on the 22nd day hanging in there. Whether I’ll survive till the 31st, remains to be seen.

Somehow this 10 year challenge had escaped my notice till a few days back. It could be because I’m honestly trying to stay away from FB or it could be simply because I’m probably unaware of a lot of things. Unlike in FB, I’m not posting any pictures here but I’ll share a glimpse of my life then and now.

So what has changed in these last 10 years. Hmmm… on the physical side I’ve gained oodles n oodles of weight. But on that same topic, I was overweight then and I’m still one now. So you can well imagine my state now. At least then I had an excuse of being a new mom.

Got myself a favorite new name, Mommy. Growing as a mum has been my greatest blessing. 10 years back she was an infant and now she’s becoming my best friend, confidant and partner in crime.

‘09, I was just about getting used to being called an auntie by little kids who are now taller than me. So even if I’m refusing to grow up at times, blatant reminders are hard to ignore.

In 09, we came to a beautiful suburban never-heard-of-before town called Greensburg, Pennsylvania which I hated then. Fast forward 10 years and a much wanted move, I now miss my sleepy town and all the familiarity of it.

Amidst these 10 years, I conquered my biggest fear… Something I never thought I could do. My only regret, my dad never got to see it.

10 years back, whenever we wanted to eat out the hubby wanted to explore different cuisines and I wanted to eat Chinese. 10 years later it’s pretty much still the same except now the Daughter makes the final call.

10 years back my mum was a homemaker and now she’s a proud businesswoman. Couldn’t be more proud of her !!

So much has changed in the last 10 years yet in certain ways it’s still the same. Daughter is still the center of my universe, I cannot think of the time before her. Hubby is still my anchor, my rock. I dread to think what I’d do without him. My mum is still my secret keeper, my best friend. She’s still the person I talk to every day with my morning coffee, even if it’s for a few seconds. My dad, I still talk to him every day. And as for me, I’m still the crazy, emotional, sentimental me !!