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Done ✅ – Day 100

Oh my !! I’m done with 100 days already??!! Yayyyyy ….. I really can’t believe I pulled through this without missing one single day. Am I relieved?? Yes I’m but I must also confess that it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Primarily because the topic was always a given. While that was easy most part of the 100 day journey but it was also super difficult on days I was really not happy. It was difficult to go on blah-blah about an insignificant incident. But I also realized by the time I was done writing, I felt better. I felt the happiness slowly creep up on me. The most important thing that I take away from this is I can be happy if I put my mind to it. It’s all about the power of mind. 

Now I really need to thank all of you who’ve take time to hit the like button and those who took time to comment on posts. And to all those silent readers who made their presence felt in the booming stats. That’s what kept me going. A big shout out to all you guys, THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a part of this 100 day journey.

I hope to continue writing more often in the coming days and not forget about this space. Right now I’ll take a break for a few days and hope to be here atleast couple of times a week to give you a sneak peek of my life and thoughts. For today I’m feeling super happy that I did this challenge successfully!!


TV Binging – Day 99

Happiness is finding a tv series on Netflix and absolutely being hooked on it. It’s binge watching at its best. It’s ignoring everything and just watching one after the other. It’s the best kind of me time.

I’m so hooked on this series called Parenthood. I’m absolutely loving it and catching up on the seasons like there’s no tomorrow!!

This n That – Day 97

There’s a strange sense of feel good by the time I reach Wednesday. Yes it’s the hump day and you only have to deal with the boring Thursday and even though Friday is a work/school day but well it’s Friday!! While I’ve often wondered how growing up I never saw the days of the week impact my or my parents mood but I’ve resigned to the fact that days do impact our moods greatly. 

Today on a whim I decided to get the grocery shopping done instead of waiting for the weekend. That way I have one less thing to worry about and it’s so much better to do the shopping alone. The stores are less crowded and it’s easier to read labels without people giving you the ‘stares’. Of course shopping at my own pace also means buying way too many things. But for once I made sure I checked all the items off the list. So hopefully no surprises when I start cooking. 

I’m currently in love with the Pioneer Woman collection. Or let’s just say I love watching her show. Even though her collection is a little too rustic for my taste, but nevertheless I love looking at them. And I definitely love the gadgets and the different whisks and spatulas which are really handy if you happen to cook in a Dutch oven or in cast iron. These two happen to be my recent loves. I absolutely loooove them !! But I digress 🙂 !! So today I bought a set of mason jars with straws from the PW collection. With spring coming our way soon, I thought it would be a perfect touch to have juices, smoothies and lemonades from. And these yellow lid mason jars seemed perfect for the lazy summer afternoons or a picnic in the backyard. Now all I need is a nice picnic hamper.

You can guess, I’m in full preparation of the upcoming spring/summer months. And this time of the year makes me happy with days just about starting to get longer and a promise in the air. It makes one hopeful and in my case I choose to ignore the forecast of snow next week. For today, I’ll just look at the clear blue sky and the afternoon sun. 

Answers – Day 96

Pic courtesy: Facebook 
I saw this pic and it kind of stayed with me for some time. Recently I got an email where the sender wanted to know why I’m flaunting my happy life when so many others are probably not going through a happy phase in their current life. He/she also went ahead in saying that doing 100 Happy Days is probably very easy for me whose life is perfect and apparently who has a happy life. 

While I deleted the email almost instantly but the effect stayed with me. Needless to say I didn’t respond because I didn’t think I was obligated in any way to write to someone who was very rude. So even though I left it at that but there was a gnawing feeling that how many of my readers feel the same way. So to make things clear I thought I’ll do a post as to why I started to take this journey.

  • First and foremost to get back to this much ignored space.
  • 2ndly, I knew if I took up a challenge I couldn’t quit. My ego would make me write every single day no matter what.
  • I also wanted to document the little things that I miss in the rush of daily routine.
  • I wanted to crib less and count my blessings more.
  • And most importantly, I know I have a lot to be happy for. It’s just that in the course of daily grime, I fail to notice that. 
  • I also started this journey at a time when contrary to what one might thing but I wasn’t in the best phase of my life. So I wanted to put in an earnest effort to make myself happy. And when nothing seemed to go my way, I still knew there were lots of things that I was taking for granted. I just wanted to steer my vision to the things that I felt were a given. I wanted to highlight those points to me and not anyone else.
  • And of course I had been reading that this is a good exercise to relieve stress.
  • And last but not the least, 100 days of straight blogging was something in my bucket list. And I thought by doing Happy Days, it gave me an added boon.

So while I’m fully aware that  I don’t owe anyone any explanation, I decided to give them anyway. Having said all this I must also add that doing it has definitely helped. And I must also confess, I did underestimate the struggle that I’d be having. I thought that it’s very easy to point out one happy incident in daily life. But the tables turned very quickly and while some days I was genuinely happy and in no time a post was ready, there were days when everything looked bleak and I had a hard time thinking happy thoughts. But those were the days for which I had taken up the challenge and I must admit that no matter how hard it was I was able to come up with a post. 

And once again, I came to the conclusion that happiness is a state of mind and to a certain extent you can control it. Especially if it’s just regular stress that you are dealing with. I’m in no means an expert, but just shared what worked for me. And while my life seems to be perfect to some, like everyone else I have my own share of problems but I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone else. My blessings by far outweigh my troubles any day. 

Rambles Again – Day 95

95th day and I’m struggling so hard. I cannot believe I’ve come so close and I almost missed today’s post. 5 more days till the finish line and yet it looks so far. But hopefully I’ll pull through. Hopefully!!

Today was a super-duper busy day for me. With being away the weekend, I had to do a lot today. After grocery shopping and putting away stuff  and other mundane necessary jobs, I was able to take a much needed nap. Hubby was working from home and so he offered to pick up Daughter to give me an extra half hour of solid nap time. That was enough to make me happy. I felt so much better after the undisturbed nap.

 I made a super healthy and wholesome dinner in the evening while Daughter finished her homework and hubby went out for a run. The weather was really good even though I didn’t get a chance to sit out and enjoy. Now we are done with dinner and kitchen cleaning is checked. Daughter is in bed and hubby is finishing some pending work in his office. Hopefully I’ll catch up some tv time before I call it a day. So gnite folks !! Talk to you tomorrow….

Sleepy Me – Day 94

A pounding headache….. blurry vision…. sleep deprived…. no, I’m not sick !! We just had the most awesome, amazing time with friends. In the last 48 hours I’ve had probably 6 hours of sleep and 12 hours of traveling. So I really don’t blame my condition. But it’s been a fun weekend even though it was a short one. 

Now we are back in the comforts of our home and there’s nothing an early night will not take care of. So I’ll be off today to catch some much needed sleep.

Happy Times – Day 93

Happiness is waking up to a heartwarming hug from a 4 year old and hearing him say, “Aunty you guys came, I was waiting for you… I love you.” Aaww my heart melted into a heap of mush. How I love this boy !!

As you can guess we reached our friend’s house around 10:30 yesterday night. While their older daughter was awake and waiting, this little boy was asleep, so the moment he woke up today morning he came running to our room to see us. I just love these two kids like they were my own. Even though I was woken up just after 3 hours of sleep, but I couldn’t have been happier.

Ever since it’s been a loud morning with the three kids screaming and playing and singing. While us adults are talking and sipping coffee. These our some of the most precious moments and we look forward to these kinds of breaks every once in a while. Even though it’s going to be a hectic weekend but I know we’ll be happy and recharged with this little break from monotony. 

Parenting Googly – Day 91

I always thought it’s better to teach my Daughter by example than preach. Of course I have my moments when I go on and on about something which I know she barely listens but nevertheless it doesn’t stop me from giving a looong lecture. But in the end I always try to focus on doing things the right way knowing how closely she pays attention to details. 

She knows I’m trying to loose weight and I make no secret about it. I tell her when I cheat and she knows it when I’m being good. She knows when I’m high with enthusiasm and these days she also understands when I’m struggling. Now you might ask, what I’m trying to achieve by sharing my personal struggle with my 8 year old. To me this was a conscious decision. I deliberately share because I want her to be aware of a healthy lifestyle. Apart from sowing the seeds of regular exercise and healthy eating, I also want her to know it’s fine to have bad days but we need to move on and not give up. My mum thinks Daughter hardly understands all that I’m trying to explain but I differ in my opinion. I know she doesn’t understand the bigger picture that I’m desperately trying to show right now, to her she’s the boss of my schedule. She thinks she’s in charge. It gives her great joy to tell me no tv time if I’ve not exercised, etc. But I’m sure she’ll understand my perseverance very soon. She’ll appreciate hard work when she sees her parents working hard no matter what the cause.

The other thing that I’ve consciously tried to practice is dealing with my stress in a better way. Some time back, I felt I was always on edge and yelling a lot. I lost my patience at the drop of a hat. That’s when I asked myself, what am I teaching her ?? That when you are having a bad day, yell and that’ll solve the problem. If you are stressed then yell and the others should bear it because you are having a bad day. Is that how I want a little child to think. Do I need her to study my expression and first judge whether I’m having a bad day before coming to me for any help/talk. NO !! No screamed all over my head. That’s when I tried working on my patience and letting a lot of baggage go. And it helped me as a person and definitely as a mum. 

I’m known for speaking my mind. God help you if you ever mess with my loved ones. I always stood up for my loved ones. It gave me a lot of happiness when I see her standing up for friends or when she sees something wrong. 

So I was really focusing on doing things that I thought were right so that inadvertently she would be steered in the right direction. Atleast that’s what I was hoping for. I was happy with myself because even though the reason of trying to change was to be a better mum but I was really enjoying a much more lighter, carefree, happy me. So to me it was a win win situation.

Yesterday night when I was tucking her in bed, she was talking to me about a random incident in school. I was getting her clothes ready for the morning and kind of had half an ear to her story. Suddenly I heard something’s that I didn’t like which made me keep the other tasks at hand and totally focus on what she was telling me.

Her story went somewhat to the effect that a classmate was a little mean to her and she chose to ignore it because if she said something back then that would hurt the classmate. I was taken aback. Of course you should be considerate to other people’s feelings but not by being hurt yourself. That’s exactly what I told her. Next what she said will have me thinking for a very long time. She told me with a very serious face, “But mommy that’s what you always do. You never show when you are hurt. You just smile but I know you also feel sad.” I honestly didn’t know how to react. I blinked and gulped but no words came out. This gave her further opportunity to elaborate on the point she was trying to make. I was dumbfounded by her sensitivity. Of course I quickly regained my composure and tried being honest. I admitted that yes I have trouble speaking up for myself but I’m getting better. While she had one example of her witnessing something that was directed towards me and I didn’t say anything, I told her little incidents where I did speak up for myself.

 She’s still little and that made her happy. She understood it’s important to speak up for oneself and that’s not selfish or mean. We should never accept disrespect or bad behavior from others. Atleast for now she got the message.

While one part of me was happy after getting first hand proof that kids do watch and learn but there was a part of me which also made me realize once again, parenting is a tough job. While I congratulated myself that she’s definitely picking up traits that we display but it also made me realize that I’m being watched. Every step of the way. It just made me realize how transparent I’m to my 8 year old and I better watch my ways.