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Cheers to All – Day 31

Finally we are at the end of this month long blog reunion. As always it’s fun, it’s stressful but together we survived !! Thanks Ani for hosting it this year. I’m glad most of you are doing the 100 days, and that means I get to read but don’t have the stress of writing.

Thanks to all of you who’ve been reading me and commenting. It definitely helps when we communicate. So a big shout out to all of us for completing/participating in this annual tradition. This is my 5th blogathon and in all honesty January wouldn’t feel the same without this event. So keep reading and keep writing!! Talk to you all soon.



Nothing Really – Day 30

It’s Jan 30th, which means another day till blogathon ends and I have no fodder. Absolutely nothing!! Not that I had a lot the other days but today the mind and the fingers are not communicating at all. One refuses to talk and the other won’t move. What do I do ?? I can’t give up, coming this close to the finish line.

But don’t you worry, I won’t bore you to death either. So I’ll leave you guys with a quote that I’m trying to live by. ‘Trying’ mind you is the key word …. I didn’t say I’ve implemented in my life. But I’m trying!! Hopefully some day I’ll push myself hard enough till then I’ll be happy with just trying.


A Typical Monday – Day 29

It was a random Monday at the MTW home. Pretty typical and nothing blog worthy. But then again Monday are generally a typical drag kind of a day. I think most would agree to that. But these days sometimes I like the calm of a normal day, the drag of a work/school day. To me that means everything is good in our little world. And that’s a happy thought even for a random Monday.

So today was no different. Hubby woke up with fever and decided to take a medicine and sleep a couple of hours before starting his work. That proved to be a good decision. I checked on him a couple of times while going around with my work.

I got a lot of my work done and also managed a power nap in the afternoon. Evening I cooked a simple dal with loads of spinach and a eggplant subzi with roti. Felt good with the wholesome healthy meal. Now off to snooze land.Our dinner


Considerate – Day 28

Daughter amazes me at the most unexpected times. So yesterday a lot of you probably read about our fight. She had a party in the evening and I was miserable at home. The hubby had talked some sense in me and I was waiting for her to return so that we could make peace. The hubby went to pick her up in due time and I waited patiently rehearsing my lines. I knew I had crossed a few mommy lines and I was looking forward to make amends.

Soon I heard the garage door open and hubby’s car whizzed in. I could hear her cheerful banter telling the hubby all about the party. Then they entered and she peeked in to have a glimpse of me. The moment she saw me, she gave me a big smile. That was enough to melt my heart. Next few minutes we apologized to each other and cleared the air. Everything was perfect in my little world again.

Then the hubby looked at me and said, “she’s super hungry. Why don’t you ask her why she didn’t eat anything?” I could have died at that moment. I automatically thought she was upset because of our fight and didn’t eat. I think in this split second the hubby could see the wheels of my brain turning. He quickly looked at Daughter and said, “tell mommy”. Daughter looked at me and said, “Soph and Issy are allergic to gluten and dairy. So they couldn’t eat anything and there was just pizza and cupcakes. They were sad and I felt bad for them, I decided not to eat so that they wouldn’t feel like they were the only ones who couldn’t eat. I told them I wasn’t hungry and they were so relieved that I could sit with them.” [Now if you’re wondering, Soph and Issy are two sisters and they stay in our neighborhood. Now I have no clue why some gluten and dairy free snacks were not provided since all of us know of their allergies but that’s a post for a different day.]

I looked at hubby and I could see the pride in his eyes. At that moment I also knew we must be doing somethings right. When I was 9 I don’t think I would have given up my favorite foods. But I was so proud of her for being so considerate. I just hope she continues being her kind and considerate self. Rest we’ll deal with one thing at a time.


Miserable – Day 27

Miserable!! That’s exactly how I feel right now. The Daughter and I’ve been fighting on a loop since morning. This girl is growing up too fast for my liking and I’m probably not handling it good. I’m pushing all the wrong buttons and playing out the ‘mom card’ too much for my own good. I hate it and I know she hates me for it.

She’s currently at a bday party and hubby talked to me on dealing with theses things differently. No wonder he’s Daughter’s go to person. That’s another thing that’s bugging me… since when did I become her enemy?? So much so that today before leaving for the bday party she didn’t tell me bye and also made her own hair. After they left, I cried for a long time. When did she grow up so much ?? I don’t think I’m ready yet !!


Nice Day – Day 26

Today the hubby and I had a lot of running around to do. So we started our day with dropping the Daughter to school and going out for coffee. It’s a newly opened cafe. We shared a blueberry muffin and a cinnamon scone between both of us. Then we ran our errands and took care of all the stuff that needed attention. We had originally planned to have lunch out but then decided against it. So came back and ate some leftover.

Afternoon hubby and I spent some quality time together without Daughter. It felt good to have him all to myself after a long time. Even though we spent the day taking care of some work, but it felt good to do it together. I always feel a sense of security and comfort when I hold his hand. It’s going to be 17 years of marital bliss in a couple of months but he still gives me the butterflies.

We went to the mall for a little bit once Daughter came home from school. Now we’ve ordered some Chinese and are planning to do what we do most weekends. If you guys have been reading me for a while, you’ll know what it is !! Cmon guess….. scroll down for the answer!!






You give up…. its family board game/card game/uno time …. so if you have any of those answers you are right 🍫🎁🏆


Happiness is … – Day 24

  • Feeding the Daughter after ages….
  • Logging in to Daughter’s school portal and saw some beautiful comments from teachers about her…
  • Talking to hubby about important stuff and getting the feeling of having each other’s back….
  • Looking at my two love bugs and knowing that I did something right…
  • Talking to my mum and having a heart to heart conversation…
  • Accidentally finding out that Daughter is making a secret coupon booklet for me….
  • My bus stop buddy getting off her car and coming to me to say she misses talking to me and can’t wait for the weather to get better so that we can chat waiting for the bus and not be cooped up in the car….
  • Sweating in the gym after what seems like ‘god knows how long’….
  • In being grateful….
  • In seeing a bright light at the end of a tunnel….


Happy Saraswati Puja – Day 22

Tired to my last bone. Have been cooking and doing everything that goes along with having a puja at home. Most of the work at my end is done. Waiting for the hubby and Daughter to return back from her piano class. Daughter loves decorating our little puja room with flowers and candles. After she gets back and takes a shower, she’ll decorate with hubby’s help while I finish making the prasad. Then we’ll do our little puja followed by eating the prasad.

As with most festivals, I cooked a lot since yesterday. All the typical must haves of Saraswati puja. Of course there are certain things that aren’t available here but other than that I think I did pretty good. So the good part is once I clean my kitchen tonight, I don’t think I’ll need to cook till Thursday. Yay !! After today I think I’ll need that :).

As for today, even though I’m exhausted, but there’s a feel good that’s there too. I’m so glad I’m able to give Daughter these little glimpses of our culture and making our own family traditions. And doing any kind of puja at home brings a feeling of positivity and peace in me. Yeah, getting old I guess !!