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Rambling – Day 28

Today’s day has been a weird one … we woke up to some good news… then we had a glitch which was kind of resolved with a couple of phone calls…. there was a lot of running around to take care of certain things… now I’m dead tired and tomorrow is going to be another super busy day…. hopefully we’ll get everything done according to our plans….

Amidst everything, I don’t know why but I was super cheerful and full of energy… it felt good… on any other day with so much going on I would have skipped working out but today I didn’t look for an excuse… that’s definitely something I feel good about!!

I know this is a rambling-not-making-sense kind of post buts that’s all I have for today!!



Hooked – Day 27

So it all started last week when Daughter had a school holiday and hubby was off to work. In the afternoon, after lunch Daughter wanted to watch a movie together. So we got ourselves some popcorn and snuggled on the couch with a blanket. Bliss, right ??!!

Fast forward half an hour the popcorn bowl was half empty, both of us were irritated with each other because we couldn’t find something that both of us liked. She wanted to watch one of her tween series and I absolutely hate those. Just when I was about to give up, I chanced upon a series called Just Add Magic on Amazon Prime. Daughter was initially hesitant and didn’t want to watch but luckily I coaxed her in it. More than me I thought it’s something she might like and would be a good break from the mindless stuff she watches. And now we’re hooked !! Yes you got that right !! WE, as in both of us !!

It’s a fun series about 3 friends and magic… lots of magic !! Generally Daughter has tv time, only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for 1 hour. These episodes almost always finishes with a cliff hanger. I’m ashamed to admit this week so many times I was tempted to let her watch on week days or worse watch while she was at school. But that child of mine has made me promise I won’t be sneaky 😐😐.

I must admit I’ve loved watching it with her and we’ve had loads of fun together trying to guess who’s the villain and so on. Hubby can’t believe it that I’m so hooked on this show.

Now she’s at rehearsal and hubby will go to pick her up in a bit. I have to finish my work before they come back as we have some ‘watching’ to do. So bye for now!!


Day off – Day 23

Today I was kind of forced to take the day off !! Nope I’m not sick…. something happened in our community and it seems we’ll not get water till evening. Thank god I have lots of bottled water. As I was talking to our community manager, she told me even the gas lines are shut off due to some leakage. On checking my connection, I found out it was my lucky day… no water, no gas !! That means no cooking 😜. I had other things to take care off but not much. It almost feels like an unexpected holiday 😀😀

I have some snack items for Daughter which she can eat after she gets back from school. So that’s a relief!! Hopefully things will be back to normal and I’ll be able to cook dinner. But till then I’ll sit back and chill. Today was my perfect day to catch up on tv shows… bliss !!

Hope you guys are having a great Wednesday as well. 2 more days till the weekend!!


Home 🏠 – Day 21

Went to our new house site this last weekend. We’re still not in the phase where we can enter but are getting there, soon enough!! We feel so happy whenever we go there. It’s a totally new development but some families have just started to close on their homes and have moved in. I’m so eager to move into ours!!

This last year things have been difficult, space wise. We have a lot of our stuff in the storage and so many things in boxes. I have always loved my homes, rented or owned. Except this one. I think the feeling of temporary is what kept me from forming any attachment to this one. So can’t wait for the next chapter to begin !!


A Quote and a Gyan – Day 19

“It’s better to wait long than to marry wrong” – anonymous

I was going through some random quotes and Daughter was reading them from over my shoulders. I had scrolled down some more and then Daughter said, “but mommy what if I wait thinking it’ll take long and by then there are no good ones left”!! It took me a few seconds to realize what she was talking about.

Hubby who had also read what she was talking about without missing a beat said, ” but you still wait. There’s no hurry to find the right one. You wait and wait… wait for a very long time, then you’ll find someone right. But first you need to study, go to a good university and get a very good job. Rest everything will happen in due course.”

I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh at this or applaud him for throwing his parenting gyan whenever he saw an opportunity. She was around 8 then. At 10+ I’m sure the discussion would not end at that 😃😜


Friday Pointers – Day 18

• Hubby is coming home today.

• Made all his favorite food for dinner- Biryani, Fish fry and vermicelli kheer. So in other words binge eating.

• Had a super productive day today. Got more stuff done in a few hours then in the whole week.

• It seems we won’t get much snow this weekend. So that means back to back rehearsals. That thought isn’t making me happy.

• Super happy that Daughter has Monday off. Planning to pamper her a little. That child has been way too busy for my liking.

• Planning to watch a couple of movies over the weekend.

• Other than chauffeuring Daughter, I don’t have a lot to do this weekend so hopefully it’ll be a good one. Still keeping my fingers crossed 🤞 for that snow!!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!! Talk to you tomorrow….


Just another day – Day 17

This year blogathon has been tough… I mean every day I feel I won’t survive. It’s a miracle that I’m still here.

Today I did a lot of here n there kind of things. No not outside work but you know those that need to be done but never gets your attention. With just the Daughter and me home, the evenings get awfully long and boring. She gets a lot of homework and doesn’t really get time for much else. So I tackled some of those.

As I type I can hear my egg curry simmering away on the cooktop. The house smells delicious and my tummy rumbles to add to the music. The thought of eating rice n curry makes my heart so happy. The heart is even more happy because the hubby gets back tomorrow. So on that note I bid you goodbye!!


Blessed ❤️ – Day 15

The hubby generally leaves home between 640-645am to catch his 7 o clock bus in the mornings. From our area there are only 3 buses to go to New York City in the morning. And with the station about 40 minutes away, the bus is his best option. He his a person who loves his morning sleep !! Now, he generally goes to office 2-3 days every week. So on these days he’s really pressed for time. Every morning is like a mad rush for him. Yesterday night I had warned him that the car would be covered in frost, so he’ll have to scrape that first to get going. So he got up early and was out of the door about 5 minutes early. The cars weren’t a pretty sight. And I was afraid he’d have to drive to the station if he missed the bus.

Today daughter had morning orchestra which meant I had to drop her early to school. So soon after he went, I woke her up and got dressed. I knew I had to scrape off my car as well if I had any hope of dropping her on time. So I quickly gave her breakfast and went out to scrape off my car. It was a little before 7 and the sun wasn’t out.

To my surprise I saw my car all scraped and ready. I knew he got up extra early today just so that I didn’t have to stand in the cold and scrape at the risk of missing his bus.

This guy I tell you isn’t a man of many words. He doesn’t tell me ‘love you’ as much as I would want him to. But his silent gestures say a lot. Later when I told him, he dismissed it as he had some extra time. No big deal !! Typical him ❤️


Miserable Monday – Day 14

Today I woke up with a severe migraine. But I trudged along with my mommy duties and sent my Daughter to school. Drank lots of water, a cup of coffee but nothing seemed to work. Hubby was working from home and on seeing my face told me I should go take rest. He’s traveling this week and wanted to see me on my feet quickly.

So I listened to him and slept. Got up later to reheat some leftovers and we had lunch. Afternoon I wasn’t able to sleep anymore but the headache was still raging strong. So just took a long head bath and rested some more.

Daughter should be back in another half an hour and I need to do somethings before that. She has voice class soon after, so I need to at least get the some basic chores done. My home looks like a mess. Moreover because we were almost in and out the weekend everything seems to be screaming for attention. But I guess today I need to prioritize and deal with things.

I get super anxious if I’m not well when hubby is traveling and I also don’t want him to unnecessarily worry about home either when he’s away. So hopefully tomorrow I’ll wake up fresh after another good sleep and some medicine 🤞