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Happiness In Sweating – Day 82

There is a real sense of happiness when you really sweat it out in the gym or in my case in my basement. I’ve been regular in exercising but I’ve still been cheating. Not pushing myself hard enough. Today after a long time, I did sweat it out down there. I showed myself no mercy and I’m rewarded with sore muscles. But it feels good. I feel happy that I don’t need to excuse my cheating. I really felt happy looking at my sweaty appearance which was a testament to my hard work. Here’s to more sweat and sore muscles !!


Cheat Week – Day 72

Yesterday I made this delicious and crusty banana-walnut-bread with all the leftover ripe bananas. I could have made some healthy smoothies too but I chose to ignore the suggestion that my mind was giving me. But to my defense I must note that the bread was made mostly to cheer up Daughter who is always happy to help in baking. And that did cheer her up. And in case you are wondering, yes I did have a slice 😉 .

I must note that this week I’ve been bad. I mean really really bad. I indulged in comfort food and didn’t work out apart from that one day. Since I’ve been bragging here about my good habits, I thought it’s only fair to be honest and accept that I’ve been cheating too. 
But I think, I’ll be on track once again after Daughter gave me the speech:

Daughter: Mommy, did you exercise today??

Me: Ummm no …

Daughter: Did you exercise any of these past few days ?? I don’t think you did, did you ??

Me: You were sick and I was busy and daddy was busy and I was tired and ….

Daughter: Looks like someone’s trying to give excuses !!

Me: No, it’s the truth…

Daughter: It’s alright if you’ve missed this week but you need to get back to it. Don’t throw away, what you’ve been working hard on. Take tomorrow off too but Monday you’ll have to get back to your routine, okay mommy??

Me: I guess … ( that’s all I could say after picking up my jaws from the floor). Of course to nurse my hurt ego I decided to have another slice of bread !!

Blogathon 2017#Day28

Sleepy Me Or Not …. -Day 51

While I’m still struggling with making healthy choices for weekend meals, I must say I’ve made great improvements on waking up early. So yesterday we were late in going to bed at night and given the fact that I also indulged in a couple of drinks I knew I couldn’t wake up at 5:30 today. Of course these days I generally wake up a wee before the alarm rings but it’s another story I still try to sneak in those extra couple of minutes snoozing. 

You know those commercials where the lady wakes up in the morning smiling and feeling fresh is definitely never going to be me. And I’ve made peace with the fact. So today when I woke up and checked the time it was 4:45. I decided to drink some water and try to sneak in the extra 45 minutes I had. Much to my surprise sleep evaded me and I was feeling pretty fresh. After going through my phone for a good 5 minutes I decided to get out of bed.

No squinting at turning on the bright bathroom light. No rubbing my eyes to get the sleep off. No wanting to get back in bed and under those comfy covers. I was fine and the mirror reflected a well rested person staring back at me. That was a nice change. It gives me a big high to finish my workout by 615 and have the entire day at my disposal. It definitely feels even better since it’s a Saturday morning. 

 Now only if I could whack the images  of the cinnamon rolls from my head. But I guess some habits take more perseverance and self control. But I’m sure I’ll get there or atleast hope to someday 😜😜
This is out of context but I just realized that I’m on my 51st day of my 100 day challenge. That’s definitely happy news !!

Blogathon 2017 #Day7

Old Habit and Workout – Day 2

It’s a little past 6:30, on a Saturday morning here and I’m literally panting and dripping with sweat as I type and gulp down a glass of water. But with this panting and sweating comes a warm and fuzzy feeling that I’ve stuck to my routine and done my six days of work out. So tomorrow I can take a break without feeling guilty. It was so easy to pull up the covers and drift back to a deep slumber after the rude awakening by my phone announcing its time to rise and shine. I had a million excuses making rounds in my head why I needed to sleep in. And trust me the darkness of the cold morning wasn’t helping me either. But somehow I dragged myself out of the bed and managed to get in the bathroom. After that everything was easy !! 

For a long time I was a morning person but then marriage happened and I followed suit with my hubby who would stay up till the wee morning hours. Somehow without realizing I became his twin. Waking up became an agonizing challenge for me. No matter when I slept, I just couldn’t wake up early. But as they say old habits die hard and I’m happy to say that my long lost habit has somehow found its way back in my system. Unlike some I still need my trusty alarm but it makes me happy that once again I’ve become an early riser. I hope I don’t jinx it by saying this here !!

Soon the sleepy heads will be up and I need to take a nice, warm shower before that. So my today’s happy thought is going back to old habits and of course sticking to the six days workout plan.

Hope you guys have a great Saturday or whatever of it is left in your part of the world !!