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Raising a Toast 🥂

If raising a toast to life, having fun and being romantic is what takes for an anniversary celebration, we’ve been celebrating most days. Yes today is our special day. A day dedicated to you and me. 

Wow, 16 years huh !! It’s been a long journey and a fun one. To me it seems I’ve grown a great deal with you. You’ve always been the more mature, poised and in control while I’ve been ummm crazy, impulsive, short tempered, ever dramatic and impatient me. Actually that makes me sound pretty bad. Nope, today we celebrate both of us. So no criticisms allowed. While I’m all that I’m also the person who loves you like crazy. I’m also the one who has your back. I’m also the same one who’ll be there no matter what. 

For once I don’t want to do a thank you post just because this day is all about both of us. It’s a day I want to remember all our achievements and failures, all the celebrations and all those times we’ve fought, all the times we’ve travelled and all those lazy days at home. It’s a day we celebrate being a couple. All I want to say is I love you and there’s no one I’d rather do this fun ride with. 

So here’s to us !! May the sweet sixteen be the best yet !! Here’s to more happiness, more mistakes, more fights and more makeups. Raising a toast to a lifetime of togetherness 🥂!!


Happy Valentine’s Day – Day 89

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Happiness is an unexpected little note. Happiness is still feeling the rush of emotions and weak kneed reaction to the slightest touch. Happiness isn’t about the gifts on special occasions but the little things that’s shared every day. Happiness isn’t about trips to exotic places but the regular trips together to the grocery stores and the-not-so-exotic places. Happiness isn’t just sharing the good but it’s the promise to share the good, bad and the ugly. Happiness is knowing that we’re in this together. Happiness is knowing you have your back covered. Happiness is to be loved not just today but every single day. Happiness is having that one hand to hold for a lifetime of happiness. 
Wishing you all happiness not just today but everyday single day. Happy Valentine’s Day ❤❤.

Happiness and Painting Nails – Day 79

Happiness is seeing the hubby paint Daughter’s nails. I had promised to do her nails but I woke up with a bad neck and upper back ache. It’s kind of restricting my movements. So apart from chauffeuring her to her class, I’ve pretty much been useless. 

So when I was apologizing to Daughter that I have to skip painting her nails today, this dad who never shies away from doing anything for his princess offered to paint her nails. Needless to say he was rewarded with kisses galore and that was enough to make his day. 
I feel so blessed to share this parenting journey with this awesome guy !!

Satisfying Sunday – Day 73

It’s been a quiet weekend at our end. Daughter seems to be getting better and hopefully if the fever isn’t back today night, she can get back to school tomorrow. But again it’s a little early to say since the fever seems to return with full gusto the last couple of nights after a quiet day. So we have to wait and watch.

Apart from that, the weekend was a nice one. After a long time it was one of those times we didn’t go out and stayed put at home. Lazy mornings, comfort foods, sweet treats, books, movies and games – pretty much sum up our two days. 

The other thing that I’m really grateful for today is hubby giving me the royal treatment today. I pretty much didn’t do anything. The day started with him making the morning coffee and breakfast. We didn’t need to cook today and he took care of reheating the lunch and serving me. I enjoyed it thoroughly. As I type he has served Daughter with her dinner and is cleaning the kitchen. After we put the princess to bed, we can have a little quiet time chatting. 

So with that I sign off today. Will be back tomorrow with more snippets of my life and of course, my thoughts.

Blogathon 2017#Day29

Just another Saturday …. – Day 58

It’s been a typical Saturday for us. A nice relaxing day but also where my to do list is checked. After my crazy day yesterday I needed this random slow yet satisfying kind of day. 

Unlike other Saturdays I didn’t get up bright and early today. Yesterday night I went over board with my drinks and I had way too many. I have no idea why the hubby didn’t stop me but he indulges me a little too much. I enjoy a couple of drinks on the weekends but yesterday I guess the craziness continued. So it wasn’t surprising when I didn’t sleep good and woke up with a bad headache. Unlike other days when I could have slept in, I had to take Daughter to theater class today. So I quickly took a really warm shower and that felt heavenly. Coming down I saw the hubby already anticipating my sorry state was grinning from ear to ear. But he had also taken care of our breakfast and handed me a steaming cup of coffee. Soon the Daughter and I were out of the door.

Class was same old. But with next week being their big show, they worked extra hard today. Like I said earlier, this time she is the lead character (Snow White) and has two solo songs and lots of lines and expressions to work on. I’m so excited for next week and can’t wait to see her perform. After coming back from class, we decided to go out for lunch. We were supposed to get icy conditions by evening, so we didn’t venture anywhere much and came back home after a good lunch. The Daughter and hubby wanted to watch a Harry Potter movie. So we just stopped at the library and picked up the movie.

After coming home I went straight to bed for a nice long nap while the other two made themselves comfy for the movie. Anyway after that I just went to Sams Club after my super long nap. Now it’s almost dinner time and I think I should finish here without dragging this post any further. But what can I say Blogathon doesn’t feel the same without some crappy posts 😜😜

Blogathon 2017 #Day14

Random Rambles – Day 55

This week has been super long for us. With back to back sickness I feel this week is taking forever to end. I’m so ready for Friday especially since it’s going to be a long weekend for Daughter who has off both Monday and Tuesday. Today she went back to school while I spent the day mostly in bed. I still have the fever even though it isn’t as bad as yesterday.

The hubby worked from home today so that he could be around. It was the first time I couldn’t come down before Daughter left for school. I was served breakfast in bed by the hubby and was told that lunch would be brought up as well. By mid day I was beginning to feel restless and hence came down to have my lunch. He has been very busy lately but still managed to warm up some leftover rice, fried some potatoes and gave me the plate with a dollop of ghee. Even though I felt guilty but was thankful I didn’t have to cook.

It’s been a couple of hours and once again after popping some tablets I’ve decided that I’ve had enough of bed rest. I’m planning to make a simple dinner because honestly I’m not being able to keep my head up for long. 

With today also being the most dreaded day of the month, my need to be up and active is on real high. If I give in to my urge, soon I’ll be sucked in to that replaying of old memories that are till this day so painful and sad. But this year I’m trying to stay calm and just let the storm pass without breaking me down. 

Blogathon 2017 #Day11

This time it’s me – Day 54

I knew things weren’t good when I couldn’t wake up at 5:30 in the morning. The head was throbbing and my feet cold as ice. I decided to pull the covers and sleep in. I knew Daughter wasn’t going to school today since she had fever when she went to bed yesterday night. With her right next to me (she sleeps with us when sick) I felt her forehead and realized she didn’t have fever. But still decided against sending her to school.

After that I fell back in a deep sleep, waking up and realizing that hubby was all dressed to go to work. I quickly tried getting up only to feel a head which felt like a 100 pounds. He asked me to go back to sleep. I didn’t have the energy to argue. After resting some more Daughter and I prodded downstairs and I managed to give her cereal and made myself a cup of coffee. Thankfully she seemed her usual chirpy self complaining about missing school two days in a row. 

After doing some minor kitchen work, I decided to check my temperature since my body was beginning to feel sore and even after popping a medicine it didn’t seem to help. The thermometer showed a raging 104.5 !! That’s when the Daughter decided to take control over me. Just like we tell her, she told me I needed to take a shower to get the temperature down. She raced upstairs and kept a set of fresh clothes ready for me. I had to smile inspite of feeling miserable.

After my bath, when I was still getting chills she put the electric blanket over me. Put extra pillows to secure the blanket so that it wouldn’t fly off. Please don’t ask me why. I just decided to humor her since she looked like a girl who didn’t want to hear ‘no’. So instead of me taking care of her she looked after me with a lot of care and concern. I was so proud of her and my heart filled with love. 

Later somehow I managed to make her and myself some lunch. After eating once again she tucked me under a blanket and made sure I had my medicine. Even though she didn’t show me her concerns but I think it was during this time that she started feeling worried. Especially when I fell asleep in no time. It seems that’s when she decided to call the hubby and ask him to come home because she wasn’t t sure whether mommy needed to go to the doctor. 
Hubby who had no idea about me being sick rushed home in matter of minutes. Ever since,  they’ve been taking care of me. My fever is still raging and it seems I’ve caught the nasty viral too. But believe me I feel so blessed and proud of this 8 year old girl who acted way beyond her years today. 

At first I thought I would skip today’s post but I had to record this just so that I could come back and read later and get this same warm and fuzzy feeling again. Bear with errors since I’m not checking this post as my eyes are stinging.

Blogathon 2017 #Day10

End of the Holidays – Day 46

The day has come to say bye-bye to our break. We had tons of fun doing pretty much nothing the last twelve days. It was very relaxing to have both the hubby and Daughter home and not have any plans. We took each day at a time and just went with the flow. No one complained and no one said ‘bored’. It was a nice way to unwind without worries about anything. I’m glad today the three of us agreed that even though we had inhibitions when starting the holiday, especially without any vacation plans but it was fun all around.

We did things together and spent hours playing board games and cards. We went on drives and watched movies and tv shows. We also took breaks and did things by ourselves. We shared a blanket but read our own books for hours without saying a single word to each other. The Daughter and I cooked while the hubby watched soccer. Then there were times when the hubby and I did our own things while Daughter played in her own room. There were times Daughter watched her movies while the hubby and I caught up with some fabulous Bollywood movies. I think that’s what helped us have an amazing time. We did things together and gave each other space when it was needed. 

Tomorrow we get back to routine and I’m sure we are charged and ready to take on what the week will have to offer. Just a little while back I was reminding the two loves that no matter what the world has to offer we should never forget that we have each other to fall back on. And to me, that’s the most reassuring thought. 

Egg-korma made by Hubby n Daughter ❤️❤️

Our Christmas dinner cooked by the 3 of us !!

Blogathon 2017#Day 2