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Day 4 – Shopping Sunday !!

So here I’am once again, trying to churn up a post while my mind is whizzing in all directions. No!! There is nothing bad or disturbing going on. It’s just that, too much needs to be done before going to bed today. The long winter break is over !! From tomorrow, everything kickstarts to a full bloom again.

It was a wonderful break with a fabulous Florida vacation in the first week and a relaxing second week at home. So ideally, I should be done with everything by now and not running about like a maniac now. But the key word is ‘ideal’ here and things are very rarely ideal in our crazy household since we love making last minute plans. Anyway things were perfectly according to plan till noon.

We got up pretty late and after a relaxing cup of tea the hubby and I started talking about the remaining home projects that needed our attention. Unanimously we agreed that the rec room in the basement was crying for attention. Our basement is divided into three major parts. One is the utility/laundry area. Second is a store room with a corner designated for our elliptical. And yes we do exercise there 😀 (in case you are wondering). The third is a very large room which is divided into a rec room and Daughter’s play room. Somehow the play room part was done right after we moved in but the rec room didn’t have much apart from the sectional sofa. Hubby has been dyeing for a home bar ever since we moved here. So today we decided to undertake the idea of being creative and making our home bar. Of course our creativity is very limited and we can only be creative as long as we are in IKEA. So we rushed to make the 45 mile drive.

As if going to IKEA was not enough !! We also went to Kirklands and Home Goods !! Needless to say we came back with our car full of stuff. Trust me at one point we thought, we need to return the very beautiful dining room wall art just so that we could accommodate all the other stuff we got. But as the old saying goes alls well that ends well. So after a lot of space management everything was in place.

After coming home it was a mad rush trying to put Daughter to bed by 8:45. While she had her dinner I quickly made some spicy veg biryani with soya chunks for us. Now that she is in bed we will try to assemble some of the furniture. Hanging the wall arts is the easy part.

So need to go and help hubby to at least start the basement project. Hopefully we can get the bar up and running by next weekend. So next time you guys need a drink, you know where to come !! Cheers !!


Living Our Dream

We have been living our dream for the last three weeks and lets just say living it is way better than dreaming it. The hubby and I have for what seems forever wanted to live in our own home and not in a rented one. A place where we would grow into and make it a home. Few years back when we still had big dreams of moving back to India, the first thing that we did was to buy a duplex apartment in one of our favorite locations in Calcutta ( I still have trouble saying Kolkata ). Our hearts lay in buying a house but the location that we had in mind was simply untouchable when it came to buying a house. So having a duplex in one of the choicest apartment communities sure made us feel good. Soon we loaded our laptops with home designing softwares. But as luck would have it, we never really moved back. So never stayed there barring a couple of nights during our last visit to India. So as of today the home sits empty ready to be sold.

So when we signed the contract to build our home here, I was literally scared to be excited in the fear of jinxing it. I had this weird feeling, that something would go wrong or we would have to move to some other place. Anyway once we moved here, the feeling was inexplicable. Waking up to the sound of birds and being greeted by the green hills each morning when I open the blinds is an amazing way to start my day. Seeing the sun, set in the faraway hills is another sight that I will never get tired of. Daughter running around the yard and chasing the rabbits, her hair flying in the wind and her gleeful laughter echoing in my ears are sounds that always make me smile. The friendly neighbors who welcomed us in the community. Trust me this place feels like heaven to me. I have forever longed for a home and to have this as our very first home, I couldn’t be happier.

Talking about Daughter, she is having a blast ever since we moved here. This is a very kid friendly neighborhood and you would be surprised at the number of girls between the ages of 4-11. So every evening I have kids pouring in my house ringing the bell asking if my Daughter can play. They have loads of fun playing indoor or outdoor depending upon the weather. But luckily we have been blessed to have some beautiful days lately.

As for the hubby and me, we have been busy. Yep we have been exhausted trying to unpack and get everything in their rightful place. Trying to squeeze in time to clean the old apartment as much as possible was also not an easy job. But thankfully that’s done and we have handed over the keys. The last few days we have slept the moment our heads touched the pillows. But slowly and steadily things are falling in place and we are getting back in routine. Inspite of all the tiredness and the backaches, there has been an immense sense of satisfaction. All our travel souvenirs and the endless knick-knacks are finally seeing the light of day. Still there is a lot to do and I’am sure it’s going to take a while. There are walls to be painted, endless things to buy, pictures to be hung but we are in no rush. We’ll take it slow and easy.

From this weekend on starts the saga of housewarming parties. Now that everything is more or less unpacked, we have decided to formally invite friends over. All my weekends will be packed with entertaining guests. Some local and some out of state. It’s such an awesome feeling to do the things that we have been dreaming for so long.

That’s all that has been going on at my end. Hope you guys are well and enjoying the festive season. Happy Dushera to all of you !!

A New Beginning Ahead

8th June, 2009 we had walked into this apartment with 6 suitcases and hearts full of dreams. We had a 7 month old baby in our arms. This was not our first choice when it came to choosing our apartment. But with limited choice in our small town, we thought we could make do till some other place was available. For the first two years each time our lease was about to be up, we searched for a place with a little more space and which met our needs. But each time it went in vain !! Every year we cribbed and cried about the lack of extra space and yearned for a luxurious living. We were ready to pay but nothing was available. Once I got so frustrated, I told hubby that either we would change location or move to our own home from here. I was done with looking for apartments. And that’s exactly what happened. We are moving to our new house at last !!

Even though this apartment will never be in our list of the best places we have stayed, but it will always be one of the most special ones. This is where Daughter took her first step. Each and every wall has a story to share about her first 5 years. This apartment gave us the stability we were looking for. From our nomadic life style, a straight 5 year in one apartment is a big thing for us. Because before this, our longest in one apartment is 2 years 🙂 .

We have been packing a lot today and I’am dead tired. I just wanted to share this piece of news with you guys. Tomorrow is a big day for us. We complete 13.5 years of marital bliss and we will also close our home tomorrow (sign the paperwork and get the keys). We have always celebrated our 6 month anniversary and this couldn’t be any better eve though it is sheer coincidence.

A new chapter is waiting to start in our lives. I can’t wait to start making memories with the two love of my life.

Rant Alert !!!

Just when I think, things are almost going according to the way I planned, I’am in for a surprise. Just when I calm myself and try to look at the positive side of the change in events, a new set of change with a sprinkle of uncertainty is thrown in. I am a person who needs plans, uncertainty shifts my equilibrium. For me to function with sanity, I need to have a PLAN. I need to know what to expect next. I like adventures as long as we are on an unplanned trip. But even that’s very rare these days given our ever-increasing penchant for reviews about the destination and the hotels. I know I’am going nowhere with this post. It’s just that I’am so freaking mad and upset with the builders today.

Moving seems to be getting like a mirage. Each time we feel we are progressing nicely, we are met with a glitch. Trust me we thought we would be in the house by summer. That way Daughter would get a chance to settle in before school starts. But soon realized that’s not going to be possible. I made my peace with that too. I was soon caught up making plans and arrangements for the move with all excitement. But all hell broke loose today again.

Today afternoon we went to check on the progress of the house. We have been doing it almost regularly now and have been very happy with the progress. My doubts were just beginning to ease up regarding getting everything done before the closing which is scheduled for the 29th of this month. Hubby had been trying to get hold of our project manager since yesterday without much luck. We needed to get in touch with him regarding certain issues but kept getting his voicemail. It irritates me to no end when people don’t call back after hearing it’s urgent. Still I tried to give him the benefit of doubt until today. Today when we drove up, we saw him at the site. It was a relief to know that he had taken care of the issues. I excused the fact that he should have had the decency to let us know either by calling or a one line text. It really doesn’t take that much time when he knew we were repeatedly trying to reach him. After asking him whether we are in schedule and getting ready for closing, he announces that they are having issues with the electric company. And unless that’s resolved we can’t close. Just like that he announces, as if it was not something we needed to know but he told us anyhow. I was like, *What the hell !!* . Not only that, apparently they don’t have a clue when they can have the electric meter installed.

We told him our lease is going to end on the 31st. And that we have made all arrangements to move on the 30th. If they don’t let us know, we’ll be in a big soup. We need to let our property manager know and extend another month in the current apartment and reschedule everything. That’s going to be a lot of work and we need to do these in advance. He said he would let us know but you know what I really don’t trust him.

Right now we have two choice – 1) carry on the way it’s going and by next Wednesday, see where we stand and call the shots from there. No use stressing till then. Just hope the electricity issue gets resolved by then. OR 2) start rescheduling everything now and extend the lease right away. Call the moving company and change the dates. This would ideally be the best option but only downside is it’s also the costliest one. If luckily everything does go according to the initial plan then unnecessarily we would have to pay rent and utilities for this apartment as well. So right now I don’t want to think of 2 as an option at least not until we have to. I’am just hoping for some good news.

As it is I’am hating living with boxes around me, and these unexpected turn of events is just making things worse. I was counting on the Labor Day long weekend to move and settle in. I guess we were getting too excited with the upcoming closing that we jinxed it.

Busy Busy Busy !!!

July has been one crazy month for us. And August will be crazier 🙂 to say the least. Infact so will September be. I think things will settle down a bit after mid September if all goes well. I have been meaning to write here quite a bit but most of my posts didn’t get a chance to see the light of day. In fact I started to write this sometime last week but just after a few lines was caught up in other things.

If all goes well we will get the keys of the new house on 29th. I dread to think what will happen if we don’t. The sheer thought makes me hyperventilate. We have already given our notice for the current apartment and booked the movers for the 30th. All the new furniture delivery is scheduled accordingly. So we will be in a soup, to say the least in case if all does not go well. But let’s keep our fingers crossed till then.

Daughter is starting kindergarten on the 25th. So we will be having only 4 days of inconvenience which is going to school from our current place. She is super excited about all the happenings and new beginnings. So are we. Hopefully August will see two big milestones of our lives.

The to-do list is endless. But there is a satisfaction and a level of excitement each time a thing is checked off. We visit the new home almost every other day to see the progress. While some days we are disappointed that things are not moving speedily enough, other days we are surprised at how much has been done in a day’s work. Daughter is already in love with her new room. To be fair, I should say she is equally enthusiastic about the whole house.

Most of the big furniture purchases are done. The only thing which we are struggling with is the appliances. OMG that is making us go in circles. That too most of the things are provided by the builders apart from the refrigerator and washer/dryer. Anyway we are losing on time, and we need to decide very soon if we want them to be delivered on time.

The packing is still not done. I know the week of 25th is going to be very crazy with my girl starting school and us getting ready to move. It’s going to be a time when Daughter might be a little too overwhelmed with new school and I hope to God that we are patient enough to deal with her even with all other things going at jet speed. It’s a time when ideally we should get our routine back but I know all the routines will go for a toss. The main thing that hubby and I are trying to strive for is give Daughter her routine and we work after putting her to bed. Right now everything looks so bleak and the road uphill. The nicest thing about it though, is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And that light is helping us get through.

So now you guys know what I have been doing. Apart from all this, I have been also working on something that is very very personal to me. It is something that I had been dreading for what seems forever. But I am now gradually inching closer to achieving it. It is a liberating feeling to conquer your fears. And this time I’am not giving up.

So wish me luck for the month that August is going to be. Hope you guys are less stressed and are having fun.

Furniture Shopping

What a productive last few days we had. Just when we were giving up on deciding a sofa for the living room, we selected one. I had seen a sofa online a few months back which I had liked a lot. It was from Ashley Furniture. But the problem was the price was not given in the website. We didn’t want to go down there as it was a 50 mile one way trip. So unnecessarily hubby didn’t want to make a trip which could very well be a waste.

Saturday, we were at the mall shopping for my Bday clothes. Yes !!! I’am going to be another year older if not wiser this Wednesday 🙂 . Was really not liking anything much. So after a lot of looking I selected two tops for myself and a few for Daughter. I had already dismissed it as a bad shopping day. We were walking out of Macys and decided to look at some more stores. Just then Daughter announced she was hungry. We decided to come back later to the mall later after lunch. As we were walking outside the store, I asked her if she could wait for a few minutes so that we could take a quick look at the Macys furniture place. She agreed.

We walked in the store not really hoping to find anything. We were checking out some sofas when I spotted the beautiful formal dining set. It is a very simple, stylish, sleek, contemporary piece. In other words everything that we were looking for. For me I didn’t need to look anymore. It was not only everything I was looking for but much more.

To say both hubby and Daughter approved of my choice would be an understatement. They loved it. The sales person was busy with some other customer and we needed to check the price and also needed to know whether they could hold it till September. But for all that, we needed time and Daughter was super hungry. But she agreed to wait, if I let her use my iphone to play. Shamelessly I did. What can I say…. Desperate need calls for desperate measures :p .

While the person was attending the other customer, hubby and I checked all the measurements and specifications. So by the time he came to us we had already made up our mind. We asked him everything and in a few minutes sealed the deal. The icing on the cake was the set was originally listed at $2100 and we got it for $1000. Needless to say we were over the moon with this unbelievable deal.

To celebrate our shopping success we decided to go to our favorite Chinese Buffet. Going to a buffet when you are super hungry is probably not the best idea if you want to watch your weight. Anyway after a full meal of appetizers, main course and dessert, the last thing we wanted to do was come home and sleep. So I suggested hubby that why don’t we check out Ashley. Strangely this time he was game for it. Probably too much food made him lazy to argue 😉 .

It took us around 45 mins to drive down there. After the initial talk to the salesperson, he led us to where the more contemporary sofas were. We were happy that we drove there because not only was the service great but also we could see some furniture we liked. Again while Daughter and hubby were checking out some stuffs, I spotted the sofa that I had fallen in love with sometime back. It sat there more beautiful than the picture I had seen online. Once again they loved my choice. Again we got a decent deal. In no time I found us signing the paperwork.

It feels so good to finally get what we wanted. The best part of these furnitures are that they reflect our personal style so much. We love contemporary style as opposed to traditional. And that’s exactly what we got. There is still a lot to be done and a lot of stuffs still sit unchecked in the buying list. But I know everything will be done in good time. We just need to enjoy the journey.

Now I can’t wait to move in the new house and start making it our home.
I can’t wait to start building new memories with my two precious love bugs. As we are seeing it getting almost close to the finish line, we are getting so excited. I really can’t believe we are going to live in our very first own home.