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Thursday – A Day for good bye

•The house is sold.

•The movers come in tomorrow morning to pack and the truck leaves by Wednesday night. After Wednesday our home will become a house till the new owners make it their own with fingerprints and spills, with laughter and tears.

•Thursday we close on our beautiful home and hand the keys over to the new owner.

•Thursday is also Daughter’s last day of school. A place where the walls hold precious memories of friendships and secret games. A place where once she dons the blue T-shirt, feelings of solidarity and pride reign supreme. Another goodbye to a place that was her second home.

•As I type this post I just realized that we had also closed on our home on a Thursday and we also hand over on a Thursday. It’s more or less the same legal jargon that we’ll sign on, except the emotions will be very different.

•Thursday is also going to be the day we drive off to a new beginning. It’s going to be one long emotional day for all of us.


Musings of My Mind

Finally the day is here!! The ‘For Sale’ sign is up on our front yard. AND I HATE IT !!!! It’s been a really emotional day for me. I knew it was going to be tough but I had no idea how much. I’m going through so many mixed emotions right now. I’m praying that the house sells fast yet I hate looking at the sign.

I’m excited for the hubby!! He has landed himself his dream job. I know he truly deserves it and I’m so proud of him. I also know this move is going to be good for our family. And it’s something we talked about for a long time. Yet today I feel I’m not ready. Deep down I feel kind of sad. I don’t know when it started but in these last 9 years this place has become Home. This is the place Daughter grew up. This place has so many ‘firsts’. After our hometown Kolkata, this is the place we’ve lived for so long. Familiar faces are everywhere – the stores, the mall, the school, the library, the post office, the restaurants that we frequent.

But I guess change is the new way of life nowadays. And we’re heading for some big ones. I’m sure the new place will grow on us as well and soon this laid back life of a small town will be a distant fond memory. Till then wish us luck as we transition to a new chapter!!

Cheers to All – Day 31

Finally we are at the end of this month long blog reunion. As always it’s fun, it’s stressful but together we survived !! Thanks Ani for hosting it this year. I’m glad most of you are doing the 100 days, and that means I get to read but don’t have the stress of writing.

Thanks to all of you who’ve been reading me and commenting. It definitely helps when we communicate. So a big shout out to all of us for completing/participating in this annual tradition. This is my 5th blogathon and in all honesty January wouldn’t feel the same without this event. So keep reading and keep writing!! Talk to you all soon.


A Typical Monday – Day 29

It was a random Monday at the MTW home. Pretty typical and nothing blog worthy. But then again Monday are generally a typical drag kind of a day. I think most would agree to that. But these days sometimes I like the calm of a normal day, the drag of a work/school day. To me that means everything is good in our little world. And that’s a happy thought even for a random Monday.

So today was no different. Hubby woke up with fever and decided to take a medicine and sleep a couple of hours before starting his work. That proved to be a good decision. I checked on him a couple of times while going around with my work.

I got a lot of my work done and also managed a power nap in the afternoon. Evening I cooked a simple dal with loads of spinach and a eggplant subzi with roti. Felt good with the wholesome healthy meal. Now off to snooze land.Our dinner


Miserable – Day 27

Miserable!! That’s exactly how I feel right now. The Daughter and I’ve been fighting on a loop since morning. This girl is growing up too fast for my liking and I’m probably not handling it good. I’m pushing all the wrong buttons and playing out the ‘mom card’ too much for my own good. I hate it and I know she hates me for it.

She’s currently at a bday party and hubby talked to me on dealing with theses things differently. No wonder he’s Daughter’s go to person. That’s another thing that’s bugging me… since when did I become her enemy?? So much so that today before leaving for the bday party she didn’t tell me bye and also made her own hair. After they left, I cried for a long time. When did she grow up so much ?? I don’t think I’m ready yet !!


Happiness is … – Day 24

  • Feeding the Daughter after ages….
  • Logging in to Daughter’s school portal and saw some beautiful comments from teachers about her…
  • Talking to hubby about important stuff and getting the feeling of having each other’s back….
  • Looking at my two love bugs and knowing that I did something right…
  • Talking to my mum and having a heart to heart conversation…
  • Accidentally finding out that Daughter is making a secret coupon booklet for me….
  • My bus stop buddy getting off her car and coming to me to say she misses talking to me and can’t wait for the weather to get better so that we can chat waiting for the bus and not be cooped up in the car….
  • Sweating in the gym after what seems like ‘god knows how long’….
  • In being grateful….
  • In seeing a bright light at the end of a tunnel….


Day 17

pic courtesy:fb

This has been my mantra since the end of 2017. Even though I questioned it in the beginning which only led to negativity and hopelessness. But soon I got over it and did the best in my capability.

Do I trust it completely ?? No !! But I’m trying. And the funniest thing is I’m not sure whether everything happens for a reason or not. When things are rosy and hunky-dory, you don’t really question anything. It’s only when you start swimming in a storm, that all these come to mind. And I definitely found solace and optimism when I think that everything has a reason. It helps my sanity. It gives me hope.


Rambles to the Rescue – Day 11

It’s bright and sunny today. A very mild day for January. Perfect day to take a walk wearing a light jacket. But that’s just today. Tomorrow I hear a big storm is coming where we will be dumped with some more snow. Let’s keep that thought aside and enjoy this mild winter day as long as it lasts. After all 55*F in January is unheard of in our part of the world. So for today, I’ll just be thankful.

A lot of pending work needs to be done. Stuff that I’ve been procrastinating for tomorrow that never seems to arrive. Lately I’ve become the queen of procrastination. But I guess I need to complete those tasks. The first on the list is to take down all the Christmas decorations and the tree. We generally pack up the tree right after the new year but this year somehow I’ve managed to let it sit for this long much to the Daughter’s delight. The outside lights can wait since I need the hubby for that.

So I’ll quickly wrap up this post and try to take advantage of this good weather before I get busy. More tomorrow….


Not a post – Day 9

Will it be a post if I just say, I’m too tired to come up with something that makes sense ?? Will it count as a post if I say, my dinner is waiting and I’m too hungry to wait ?? Will it count if I say my head hurts and I’m sleepy?? But I guess it has to !! For today I’ll just call it a day….

Promise to do better tomorrow….