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Mish Mash # 2

Summer holidays are in full swing here. I can’t believe I’m a mom of a super independent 3rd grader. Now I’ve always been one of those mums who was never in a hurry to fast forward the toddler years or the whiney phases. I always held those precious days to my heart. I lived in the moment and enjoyed every stage, pleasant or not. And if I’m honest, for most part it was a pretty smooth ride. Now that I see her growing up and becoming increasingly independent, I get emotional. While my heart swells with pride sometimes but then there are times I wish she was still my baby. But that’s a post for a different time :).

Already we are in the 3rd week of summer vacation and we are busy doing fun things while trying not to ignore our basic routine. The routine that I hold on to for dear life. The routine that keeps me sane. Daughter has planned her day pretty well. She has very wisely decided to do her daily studies in the morning straight after breakfast which is often followed by piano practice. Once those two are done, she has the whole day to play, bike, visit neighborhood friends and last but definitely not the least reading. She is still allowed to watch tv only on the weekends. So far things have things have been pretty smooth. Fingers crossed 🤞!! Unlike some kids I hear of, Daughter pretty much entertains herself with pretend play and books for most of her time. 

Friday we also leave for our week long vacation to the beach. So lots of fun coming our way. It’s going to be a much needed break for the hubby and me. Of course our friends from Indiana are also joining us. And what better way to unwind than to sip margaritas at the beach while the kids makes sandcastles and chase the waves. Can’t wait for the fun in the sun to begin !!

As I type I’m sitting outside her piano class and can’t believe how much she has progressed since she started about 2 months back. And the best part is she enjoys playing the piano and performing for us. I must say the decision to learn piano was more me than anyone else. Daughter is generally game to explore new stuff and try different things. But I told her this was something I really wanted her to learn. It’s something I always wanted but never quite got around doing it. And I’m so glad I ‘imposed’ this on her because she seems to be quite a natural. 

Yeah once again I’m here with a mish mash of jumbled stuff. That’s exactly what happens when you’re gone for a bit. There are so many things I want to document that deserves a full post but I never quite get doing them. Every time I sit to write, somehow I get carried away with the current thoughts of daily life and those that are crying for attention gets pushed back for another day. So that’s it for today !! Talk to you soon !! 


Mish Mash 

In a blink, April swept by me and I’m still trying to catch my breath. Not too much has been going on in my end and yet I’ve been busy with things here and there. Things called regular life with an active and super busy 8 year old. So before I had a chance to pen anything, we are in May. Wow!! May already and in my head it’s like 2017 has just begun.

We have just over 3 weeks till the end of the school year. I can’t wait for summer break to begin. Daughter is at this wonderful age where she pretty much doesn’t need me other than chauffeuring her around or for food. She’s extremely independent but still isn’t in the ‘tween/teen whatever’ phase yet. It’s wonderful to have conversations with her and I’m often amazed at the responses I get. 

I love hanging out with her be it at home or go out shopping. She’s my absolute bff these days. I love to shop and have those mommy n me day outs with her. These days with activities during weekends, summer is the only time to splurge in those luxuries. So I have a lot planned for summer. Three months of unstructured mommy hood with no running around daily. We aren’t doing any regular camps except for a horse riding one which she absolutely insists on doing. Apart from that one, one week camp, swimming and piano lessons will continue. Musical theater will be done after the year end show for the summer. The best part for me is no packing lunches. 

Her being an avid reader, there are times I don’t realize she’s at home. So that definitely helps both of us from getting in each other’s hair. For her a good chunk of the day is also spent in her room playing some pretend games. And right now her current obsession is Harry Potter and Nancy Drew books. She has read the first four books of the HP series and I’ve promised her that she can start the fifth book once the break begins. So you can be assured the first week is going to be spent in having her nose buried. 

We also have a trip to Myrtle beach planned for the last week of June. So definitely there are fun times in the horizon. With the beach vacation looming large, my weight loss plan has picked up double the speed. I only wish the numbers on the scale were a little more promising. Anyway that’s a topic for another day. For today I’m optimistic I’ll get there even if it takes time.

This seems to be a mish mash post of sorts but that’s exactly how my headspace is right now. Too many things screaming for attention. I think I need to do separate posts for a few that I want to talk about in detail but for today I just need to publish this before I re read and delete. So here’s a mish mash peek of my mind :). 

Answers – Day 96

Pic courtesy: Facebook 
I saw this pic and it kind of stayed with me for some time. Recently I got an email where the sender wanted to know why I’m flaunting my happy life when so many others are probably not going through a happy phase in their current life. He/she also went ahead in saying that doing 100 Happy Days is probably very easy for me whose life is perfect and apparently who has a happy life. 

While I deleted the email almost instantly but the effect stayed with me. Needless to say I didn’t respond because I didn’t think I was obligated in any way to write to someone who was very rude. So even though I left it at that but there was a gnawing feeling that how many of my readers feel the same way. So to make things clear I thought I’ll do a post as to why I started to take this journey.

  • First and foremost to get back to this much ignored space.
  • 2ndly, I knew if I took up a challenge I couldn’t quit. My ego would make me write every single day no matter what.
  • I also wanted to document the little things that I miss in the rush of daily routine.
  • I wanted to crib less and count my blessings more.
  • And most importantly, I know I have a lot to be happy for. It’s just that in the course of daily grime, I fail to notice that. 
  • I also started this journey at a time when contrary to what one might thing but I wasn’t in the best phase of my life. So I wanted to put in an earnest effort to make myself happy. And when nothing seemed to go my way, I still knew there were lots of things that I was taking for granted. I just wanted to steer my vision to the things that I felt were a given. I wanted to highlight those points to me and not anyone else.
  • And of course I had been reading that this is a good exercise to relieve stress.
  • And last but not the least, 100 days of straight blogging was something in my bucket list. And I thought by doing Happy Days, it gave me an added boon.

So while I’m fully aware that  I don’t owe anyone any explanation, I decided to give them anyway. Having said all this I must also add that doing it has definitely helped. And I must also confess, I did underestimate the struggle that I’d be having. I thought that it’s very easy to point out one happy incident in daily life. But the tables turned very quickly and while some days I was genuinely happy and in no time a post was ready, there were days when everything looked bleak and I had a hard time thinking happy thoughts. But those were the days for which I had taken up the challenge and I must admit that no matter how hard it was I was able to come up with a post. 

And once again, I came to the conclusion that happiness is a state of mind and to a certain extent you can control it. Especially if it’s just regular stress that you are dealing with. I’m in no means an expert, but just shared what worked for me. And while my life seems to be perfect to some, like everyone else I have my own share of problems but I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone else. My blessings by far outweigh my troubles any day. 

Happiness in being happy – Day 88

Some days I’m happy but somehow when I sit to write and share my daily dose of happiness it’s difficult to pen it down. I’ve been trying to think what do I attribute my today’s happy to but I can’t pin point any single incident. It’s been a rather typical Monday and who ever has anything good to write about a Monday that’s not even a holiday. Yeah, not me either!! But I can’t say I’m upset either. Because the day has been kind of ok-ish. Like I said typical random stuff a Monday entails. So no surprises and no disappointments.

By now you must have guessed I really don’t have anything to write about. So hence this blabbering 😜. But what can I do, I can’t give up after coming this close. The more I’m inching closer the more difficult it’s getting. I’m kind of hitting that freeze where the mind absolutely refuses to cooperate. 

So for today let me spare you guys as well as myself from this errr ramblings and just say that today’s happiness has no reason. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. No one was extra nice. Infact most of my day was spent reading but still I feel happy. You know not the burst of happiness kind of happy but just a calm and content happiness. A place where you genuinely think every cloud has a silver lining. So while I go and count my blessings, you guys think happy thoughts too.

Happy Moments – Day 83

Pic courtesy: Google 

Isn’t this true for all of us ??!! I find doing the most random things with my loved ones often are the most cherished mements. One of the happiest moments of our daily life is when I’m  cooking during the weekends while the hubby is helping or just chatting with me and Daughter’s cheerful banter in the background. And of course some good music. This happens on almost all weekends and sometimes on a week night but inspite of this being a repeated event, I’m never bored. In fact we look forward to it. The three of us feel happy and content. The harmony brings a sense of peace. It’s these random moments that take away all the stresses of daily life.

A Song – Day 81

Happiness is discovering a new song that becomes your absolute favorite. It’s hearing the song in a loop and not being tired of it. It’s not caring that the other two members of the family are grumbling since the song is playing on a loop. It’s pure happiness when you hear the hubby humming it without realizing that he’s getting hooked too. It’s happiness when the Daughter says she can’t get the song out of her head. 

I’m not sure the hubby or the Daughter love the song as much as I do but it sure amuses me when they hum it just because it’s stuck in their head. As for me, I have the ear plugs on and still hearing it on a loop.

The Lovely Kulhads – Day 74

{A kulhar (Hindustani: कुल्हड़ or کلہڑ) or kulhad, sometimes called a shikora, is a traditional handle-less terracotta cup from North India and Pakistan that is typically unpainted and unglazed, and meant to be disposable.[1] Since kulhars are made by firing in a kiln and are almost never reused, they are inherently sterile and hygienic.[2] Bazaars and food stalls in the Indian subcontinent traditionally served hot beverages, such as tea, in kuhlars, which suffused the beverage with an “earthy aroma” that was often considered appealing.[3] Yogurt, hot milk with sugar as well as some regional desserts, such as kulfi (traditional ice-cream), are also served in kulhars.[4] } – courtesy wiki 

On my last visit to India, I was really fascinated with these beautiful ceramic kulhads. I used to love drinking tea from the earthen kulhads in the earlier days. Now in my absence from the day to day life in India, I didn’t realize that these unassuming earthen kulhads typically found in the roadside tea stalls have been revamped.

We were served tea in some of the most fanciest kulhads while visiting relatives. Now if you know me, I hardly shop during my vacations in India. I have enough of my fair share of malls and retail therapy here, so I do not venture to the malls unless I absolutely must. But I had not spotted these kulhads on the rare occasions that I did visit the mall. 

With people eager to gift us stuff I didn’t feel like asking them either from where they had bought theirs. And while I liked some of their kulhads, I wanted traditional designs for mine. Actually I wanted the typical brick red kulhads that I was used to.

So one day, the hubby and I were on one of our rare shopping trips and I spotted these beautiful kulhads. They had the typical brick red ones and some with traditional designs. We loved them. I quickly picked up 8 of them. 4 red ones that I loved and 4 that the hubby and I both liked. 

But as luck would have it, on unpacking I found that my much treasured red kulhads were broken to pieces. While a couple from the different set was chipped but not broken. I wanted to cry looking at those irreparable red pieces. Anyway I plan to get the red ones again on my next trip. But till then I’m in love with these.

Blogathon 2017 #Day30

Friday Pointers – Day 71

  • Thanks to all of you who wrote to me regarding Daughter, she is slightly better but the fever is still stuck at 102. But I’m optimistic looking at her otherwise energetic self that hopefully by today evening or tomorrow she should be better. 
  • Even though Friday is my cleaning day but for once I’m ignoring it since once this virus dies down I’m planning to clean and sanitize the whole house. God !! Sometimes I think I need a sanitizer and a tub of Clorox wipes attached to me. Not that it’s helping much. But would it be worse if I wasn’t doing the disinfecting thing that I do all the time ?? I’m not sure if I know the answer to that question.
  • Hubby has been very busy lately and I had planned a nice Friday night dinner at home. Kind of like a date at home but with Daughter not well, I guess that has to wait.
  • After a long time, I finished two books in three days. It’s hard to believe that this was a usual thing once upon a time many moons ago. I also have a Jodi Picoult waiting for me which I can’t wait to start.
  • The weekend ahead seems like it’s going to be a slow one with Daughter being sick and hubby having to work. She doesn’t have theater class tomorrow so that makes it better with not having to miss class. 
  • We are supposed to get some snow today which on a random Friday would put me off. As snow on weekends mean no going out or making the dreadful drive to theater class on Saturday morning. But since we will be cooped up anyway, I feel it would be nice to have a winter wonderland outside.

Blogathon 2017#Day27

Musings on a Rainy Monday – Day 67

It’s been raining like cats and dogs since yesterday night. And I’m not particularly fond of rains especially if it’s a Monday and I’m stuck all alone in the house. The dark days with an even darker sky. The constant rumble of thunder. The swishing sounds of rain on the window panes. It does strange things for my mood and I’m left feeling lonely and sad. This week it’s supposed to rain pretty much every day and the very thought is not helping my mood.

I sometimes find it quite funny how the same rains that have me groaning on a Monday morning has me feeling very happy and satisfied if it were to pour on a Friday. It doesn’t matter if it’s Friday morning or evening, rains and thunderstorms make so happy on a Friday or those days when I have my loves around me. It makes me want to indulge in comfort food, watch a movie or play board games. Funny, isn’t it ?? It’s the same rains but just on different days. And the gamut of emotions that it brings is so contrasting. 

But no matter what my relationship with rain but one thing is constant. I love getting drenched in rain during the summer months. And it’s not just me, the hubby and the Daughter loves it too. So in June when we get a lot of thunderstorms here, and the Daughter starts her summer break that’s the time we love dancing and singing in the rains of the weather is warm. The rains melt away the stress and rejuvenates the mind. Our neighbors might think that we are crazy but we have the time of our lives getting soaked.

So till summer comes, I think I’ll just have to survive this love-hate relation with rains. 

Blogathon 2017#Day23

Rambles It is …. – Day 56

Today feels and looks a lot like spring time. This year cold weather has been playing hide and seek with us. While I’m not complaining about this time of the year not being too cold, but I also know it has been the lone culprit of a lot of sickness that’s going around. Some days the temperatures are in the 50s (Fahrenheit) while the very next day its frigid and in single digits. 

After school, Daughter wanted to play outside with some friends. They made plans to meet out in 15 minutes and next thing I knew it started pouring like crazy. I knew there were dark clouds looming low but I honestly hoped that the girls will get atleast half an hour to play. But no such luck !!

I must say I’m feeling much better today even though I didn’t get much work done. But that’s alright. I have seen that I get more productive after I’ve been lazy for a couple of days. The hubby says that it’s my guilt that makes me work extra. But I just ignore him 😉 . Like I said earlier, this week seems to be dragging forever and while I know tomorrow is   Friday I just can’t wait for it to be Friday evening. 

On a happier note, I must mention the big hug that I got today. Every evening it me waiting for the Daughter at the bus stop. She gets in the car or walks ahead with me trying to make conversation. I see the other moms all walking  behind accepting their kids no longer need to tell them all about their day. But me, I’ll leave that for another day’s post !! So yesterday the hubby went to pick her up as I still had fever. The Daughter came and hugged me asking how I was feeling. But today when she saw it was me waiting for her, she ran to me and hugged me saying ‘mommy I missed you. I don’t like it when you were sick. I’m sooo glad you are better now.’ I was so touched and happy. So now that I think about it, a little fever now and then is probably good for mum-daughter relationships. 😀😀

Anyway I’m not sure where I’m going with this post, so I’ll say bye-bye. I’m thankful to all those who have reached till this line. 

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