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Day 14 – Snippets Of Today

So today I thought I will get over with the post right after I make myself a cup of coffee. With the crazy schedule I have ahead of me, I’am not sure if I’ll get any time in the course of the day. The house seems so quiet today. Hubby had been working from home the last few days, and today with him gone there is a strange quietness. I like to sit in his office area and share a cup of coffee with him. Even though we hardly talk to each other as in the mornings he is busy with back to back calls, I just like to sit with him. Today I really miss that silent companionship. Oh well I’ll say it aloud, I miss him very much.

Since yesterday the weather is getting much better. So that’s a relief. I also started my exercise yesterday!! It made me realize in what bad shape I’am. Just after 10 minutes on the elliptical my knees started to give me a tough time. I had to give, up after pushing myself for a few more minutes. But hopefully it’s gonna get better with some daily dose of exercise. I’am going to keep my fingers crossed that I’am going to continue to exercise and not ditch it like I always do.

Ha !! Talk about planning. Inspite of wanting to get done with today’s post first thing in the morning, it’s past 7 in the evening and the draft is still incomplete. But to my defense, I can say that I have been running around like a headless chicken for most part of the day. So much so by afternoon I was blessed with an unbearable headache. Thank God I decided to take a small nap. Made me feel much better. I have already started to cook for the weekend. But still a very long way to go before I sleep tonight. I’am craving for a cup of strong ginger tea but am too lazy to make one for myself.

As I type away, Daughter is doing her homework. There are days I feel so proud of her. It seems there is a new girl in her class. As most cases of joining mid term, this girl is kind of feeling out of place. Daughter has taken upon her self to make her feel right at home. Today it seems she found the new girl crying and on asking her what the matter was, the girl told Daughter that she had not finished her lunch. Daughter tried making her feel better and also asked the teacher if she could be allowed a snack. Her teacher was very proud of her thoughtfulness. It was a real proud mama moment when I heard about it. The smile on her face was priceless when she told me ‘mommy I calmed her down and Ms.D told me thank you for being so thoughtful’.

Anyway it’s almost dinner time at our house and the hubby has plated my food. He knows I’am tired and is serving me my plate as I try my final attempt at finishing this never-ending post. Hopefully I’ll be able to call it a day in another couple of hours as most of my to-do list is checked. It makes me feel so happy knowing I can put my feet up soon and rest my head on the hubby’s shoulders with a mid week glass of wine. What ?? I deserve a glass today ūüôā .


Going Out To Movies With Kids

This post is triggered after reading RM’s post on Frozen. Mine is not a review on the movie. On Christmas Day 2013 we went and watched the movie. It was the first time where Daughter went to the movies. Don’t get me wrong, she has watched most of the Disney and Barbie movies. These days often we let her pick, her own movie from Redbox but we really never felt the need to take her to the movies.

Actually we rarely go to the movies ourselves. Hubby and I actually have completely different taste when it comes to movies. In our 4 years of dating days we went to see 2 movies. And after getting married, the 7 years prior to having Daughter I guess we went to watch some odd 8 or 10 movies. After having Daughter, since we never had anybody to watch her, we ended up never going to the movies at all. Of course not going to movies never meant not watching them so it really never bothered us. We were fine waiting for the movies to be available in Netflix or Redbox or Youtube. There have often been times we have watched a so-called hit movie after a year or more of its release. So that’s how up to date we are with Hollywood or Bollywood movies.

Well this post is not really about our movie watching habit but more about watching movies with kids. I am strongly against taking little kids to the movies no matter what kind they are especially if they are little. I really don’t think kids miss out anything by not watching these Bollywood masala flicks with scenes with action/violence and the hot item songs. For our house it’s a strict no-no. And honestly we never felt we are sacrificing a lot by depriving ourselves from the little entertainment that they do provide. But what really horrifies me is how parents often bribe their kids with junk food and candy to make them sit quietly. Of course the other thing that does irritate the hell out of me when I do choose to go for a movie is a wailing infant. Trust me it’s not the baby so much but the parents who irritate me the most. They tend to think by buying tickets they are entitled to walk up and down the passage between the rows so that they can pacify the wailing infant while singing a lullaby. I don’t blame the baby who is petrified of the loud noise and the darkness.

So when Daughter was little we never took her to the movies. There were friends who gave us ideas about taking her and of course giving her candy. There were others who said so what if she cries once, she will get used to. I honestly don‚Äôt see the point in getting her used to things that really don‚Äôt make a difference. And my Daughter is generally a little scared of loud noise, so I didn‚Äôt see the point of putting her through the ordeal. And honestly I doubted whether she would want to sit through 90 minutes. Last year when we visited Disneyworld she enjoyed the 20/30 minutes 3D and 4D shows. So after she turned 5, hubby thought we should take her to the movies just so that she could experience it. I thought it would be a little too overwhelming and that she might be scared. When we talked to Daughter about going she took it in her stride and was pretty excited. So we knew she was ready. Hubby chose the movie Frozen and I researched it. After all its raving reviews, we took her for that one. She was super happy. She loved the movie. I was very happy with our choice as well cause it was one movie where ‚Äėtrue love‚Äôs kiss‚Äô didn‚Äôt mean kiss from a prince in shining armor.

I am glad we waited till she was ready to experience and enjoy the movie.I do not mean to offend anyone here nor am I in a position to be judgmental. To each his own is what I believe. I am merely sharing what works for us and what I agree or disagree to.

2014 and Me – Day 1

dsc01234Wow!!! another year gone by just like that. 2014 has a lot in store for us. Probably the year will see us marking off some of our major milestones or that is what I hope for. There are a lot of good things to look forward to this year and I know there will be some unexpected bumps here and there. But isn’t that what life is all about. To be jolted when you think you have just reached your comfort zone and to receive some of the biggest blessings when you think you can take it no more. Like every year this year too, I want to start with a silent prayer. Thanking God for all the little blessings and asking him to bless us with good health and happiness. Here’s to a healthier and happier 2014 for all of us.

This year I want to focus on certain aspects of ME which I think are crying for attention. No, they are not resolutions because I’ve given up on them way too long ago. But I want to make a few positive changes in my life and by writing it here I can come back to this space and remind myself when I think I’m getting nowhere.

I really want to focus on counting my blessings. You know the regular mundane and not-so-mundane stuff that we have taken for granted.
I want to crib less and appreciate what I have more, and I know I have a lot to be thankful for.
I want to think before I speak. More often than not I find me cursing myself for a situation I could have avoided if only I didn’t have a big mouth. But here I would also want to acknowledge the fact that I’ve come a long way in this area but a little more work will not do me any harm.
I want to give my daughter a little more space. I know she is 5 and she definitely needs my guidance, but there are times I feel I’m micro-parenting a little too much. I need to go a little easy on her and remember she is just 5.
I need to take each day at a time and not get too stressed over nothing. I should not get carried away on those gloomy afternoons, when I sit with my bucket list of worries. Believe me sometimes my worries can really get crazy. And I pity the hubby who has to deal with it most of the time.
Last but not the least, I want to be a more positive person.

Don’t you think these are doable stuffs ?? Only the end of 2014 will tell me how much I have achieved……

Hello !!!

I can’t believe I took a hiatus just when I thought I’m ready to start a blog. But well I took one, and now I think its over ;). Just to prove my point I’ve signed up for the 2014 Blogathon which starts on the 1st of Jan.¬† I really am not sure whether I’ll be able to post for 31 straight days. I signed up just so that I could push myself and wake up from my blog-slumber(if there is such a word). Believe me when I say I do not have a single draft nor any constructive ideas on what to write but I’ll try and give my best shot. So wish me luck, you folks out there.

  2013  has been a mixed bag kind of a year if you know what I mean. I have had some highs and lows, some setbacks and some push in the right directions. It was a year of great vacations. It was a year of some positive changes. I hope the next year promises to be better and I get those things done which I aim for.

  Well notes on my Daughter this year would be SHE TURNED 5 THIS OCTOBER. When I look at her I realize, time surely does fly. It still seems like yesterday when hubby and I brought our pink bundle of joy and look at her today, she is already a lady in the making.

  Enough said for today. Let me keep some for the blogathon days ahead. Hope all of you have a Blessed and Happy New Year.

Something About Today

What is it about Monday mornings that almost always makes me grumpy, I ask myself. Yesterday I went to bed feeling no different then any other Sundays. Especially knowing I had to tackle the big laundry basket which was sitting with almost like a devilish grin. That is one job I so abhor from the core of  my heart. And more so if I need to do it, first thing  on a lousy rainy Monday  morning.

Today promised to be no different.¬†A busy day with all the household chores lined up for me to take care. Daughter and hubby left for school and office . I stood at the patio waving almost waiting for the gloominess to set in. It didn’t . I hurried to the basement with my laundry hamper. Then made my cup of tea. I looked at the cloudy grey sky yet felt strangely chirpy. There seemed an extra sprIng to my otherwise lazy steps. There was something about today that was different.

It¬†is 11:30 am now and am proud to say most of ¬†my work is done. I still have a smile on my face.¬†The rains, the dark clouds that are threatening to bring more rains cannot wipe that almost silly smile. Today I don’t stare blankly at the road thinking I wish I had ¬†a group of friends in this place where there is almost a non existent Indian community, to cheer me up. I think I have found my friend? Can you guess who it is ? Yes it is you my blog. It feels so nice to be able pour my heart and share any random thoughts without the fear of being judged.

Its been 4 years since we have moved to this south western suburb of Pennsylvania . I have always been fortunate to stay at places where there were plenty of Indians but not here. Just because I am an introvertish¬† person, I’am still sane. Occasionally I crave company but generally Iam ok with¬†our lack of¬†social life. But I guess everybody has their limits and these days I felt I was close to reaching mine.

But today I guess I found something to keep me going. A place where I can keep coming, to enjoy some company. A place that will give a voice to my otherwise¬†silent thoughts. Hopefully I can continue this journey. My only regret that I didn’t start this sooner but I guess as they say ‘Better late than never’.

An Important Life Lesson

We don’t appreciate the¬†things that we take for granted. In my case it has been my skin . I never had to really care about what I was putting on ¬†it until a few weeks back ¬†when we took a beach vacation. It was an ideal weekend to go to the beach weather wise things could not be better. I had my bags packed with all the things ¬†that was necessary and in it I dumped 2 tubes of ¬†sunscreen. It was one of the markets top brands and something that I had been using for quite a while.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† The day of the travel arrived. We were excited to leave early. The day was cool and cloudy. It was an¬†8 hour¬†journey by car and we love our road trips. Isn’t there something so exciting about packing your car and leaving. Especially for a person like me who can’t travel light I just love my road trips. Thankfully my 4.5 year old daughter is not a too fussy traveler. It was the Memorial Day weekend here in the US and we knew the roads would be busy. But nobody could dampen our excitement by telling us that our 8 hour journey would actually stretch to 10 hours. We reached our hotel and checked in to our room. It was a direct oceanfront room and that¬†night ¬†being a full moon, the sight was mesmerizing¬† to say the least. It was a beautiful night almost magical.¬†Little did I know that all my excitement and happiness would be so short lived.

     The next morning dawned bright and sunny. After a quick breakfast we went to the beach. Just like anybody else I applied a generous amount of sunscreen to protect my face and arms. The biggest irony was the thing that promised to protect my skin gave me a major burn. In no time my arms started to itch and my face had the most horrible burning sensation. In my ignorance I thought it was a reaction to the sun so I splashed myself with some more sunscreen. In a couple of hours my face was a sight. It seemed the whole skin on my face was peeling. The first time I looked at my face believe me I wanted to run back home and hide my face forever.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† From then on the trip was ruined for me because we had to cancel our daytrips .If it was just me and my hubby, I think we would have cancelled the remaining trip. But looking at my¬† daughter’s happy face¬† we didn’t have the heart to do it. Especially when she kept telling me things like ‘You still look pretty mommy……I love you…..Don’t worry you will get better’. Never in my life did I need those words more than those few days.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Anyway now I’m better . My face is clear, the peeling has stopped. But I have learnt an important lesson. It is so easy to ignore or take things for granted. We only realize the importance when we think we are loosing it. From this very small incident I think I have got my priorities straight. And¬†I have also realized the unconditional love a child has towards his/her parents. Even though my trip did not go as planned but somehow ultimately everything made it worth it.

Why I’m Here ….

Came across blogs a few years back  when searching on some parental issues . My search resulted some of the mommyblogs  and from that day I was hooked. There was no looking back since then. They became my invisible friends with whom I could relate  and often  turn to for help regarding mommy issues. Little did I know that soon I would be following their footsteps.

Now I’m here to chronicle my life’s journey ,some special moments and some-not- so-good moments. This space will have a little bit of everything from my day to day life. So you readers are welcome to have a sneak peek at my life and thoughts. Your comments are always appreciated.