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A Trip – Day 77

Happiness is planning a trip down memory lane. Yes for Daughter’s spring break, we’ve decided to take her to some of the places we’ve lived in our first few years of marriage. We’ll be going to the place I first landed here in the US. The apartment where we first started our journey as a married couple. The grocery store where we shopped (hoping it’s still there) and the streets where we walked, the mall where we spent many a evenings and the park where we picnicked. 

So this spring we’ll be heading to Stamford, Connecticut and Providence, Rhode Island. The two places where we have a lot of fond memories. Of course with our trip down the memory lane, we’ll also include places which she’s going to enjoy. 

We’ve been wanting to do that for quite a while but weren’t sure whether Daughter would enjoy a trip which mainly had just long drives. So during a casual conversation, we had mentioned about this plan. She seemed genuinely interested and excited to see the places where we had lived prior to her birth. It was the perfect opportunity for us and we seized it. In no time all the arrangements were made. We promptly booked our accommodations. Now all we need to do is wait for Spring Break.


Day 3 – Last day of break

The long break is over !! From tomorrow the regular routine begins once again. Even though we weren’t able to do all the things that we had planned with all the sicknesses making its rounds but nonetheless it was a relaxing and laid back kind of a break. As I always say I love having these two around the house !! Even with being sick, I tried to make the most of it and treated them with lots of homemade goodies 🙂 . And I feel so grateful for that.
Anyway yesterday we had a dinner and sleepover at a friend’s place. I’m sometimes amazed at how certain friendships work. We were introduced to this particular family through a common friend P about a year back. We have known P and her family for some five years. P has two daughters, one who is exactly my Daughter’s age. So needless to say we meet quite often and have dinners and play dates together. Her husband is also a nice guy with a great sense of humor. But sometimes I don’t know whether it’s just with me or it happens to everyone but the relationship does not progress beyond a point. Don’t get me wrong we really like P and her whole family but somehow the relationship kind of didn’t move beyond a certain stage. It is through P we met R and her family. It’s at R’s place, we went last night. With them we kind of hit it off instantly. They have two boys around Daughter’s age and they gel like a house on fire. As for the adults, after the first time we felt like we have known each other forever.
So yesterday, R had asked us to go to their house for dinner and spend the night there. Daughter was ecstatic at the prospect of a sleepover. We had a great time eating some of the best tasting food. We ate,drank and talked till 3 in the morning !! The kids were awake till 2 which is a first for my Daughter and she couldn’t believe her luck. We were supposed to get back after breakfast today morning since we had a lot of errands to run. But just as we were about to leave, the kids started to fuss in unison. Daughter wanted to stay back and play more. R and her hubby love Daughter and they suggested we go ahead with our errands and leave her there. They would drop Daughter in the evening. We gave in because the hubby and I were outnumbered in no time.
Quickly we got home, showered and went out the door. We did the grocery, did some return/exchanges and finished all our outside errands. We then decided to go and pick Daughter up ourselves since we were already driving around. By then it was past 4 in the evening and the kids still didn’t want to part. After promising to meet up soon, we came home.
After getting home, it was a race against time. I cleaned and organized my pantry. Put away all the grocery while Daughter sat for some study time. Hubby helped me clean and trash stuff from the kitchen. You have no idea how I trashed the chips and other such junk. Except for some cookies for Daughter, my pantry has all good stuff. The fridge is stocked with all good veggies and lean cuts of meat. The fruit basket sits loaded with beautiful apples and oranges. I feel so happy and content.
Then I made some wholesome khichdi for dinner. Mind you, Bengali style khichdi is not the regular khichdi which is made to go easy on the tummy. This is rich and delicious, with loads of seasonal veggies made to devour on a cold winter’s night. It is often accompanied with masala omelette or fritters or fried fish. 
Today has been a long day. And as I was typing the post I realized a lot has been done in this one day. Contrary to the laid back break, it seems the last day picked up momentum and has been a very hurried kind of a day with back to back chores. As I try to finish my post, Daughter is upstairs getting ready for bed. I need to take a quick shower before I sit with hubby and then call it a night. Tomorrow is the first school/work day of 2016 and as hubby goes to work and Daughter goes to school, I will say a silent pray for them that may all their dreams turn into reality and all their efforts into great achievements !! 

Winter Break

It’s been a lazy winter break for our home. We’ve been cooped up at home with the constant rain. Watched movies, played board games, camped out in front of the fireplace. Sounds pretty nice doesn’t it ?? Except my once again full blown upper respiratory infection !! Oh yes !! Along with gifts galore it seems Santa gifted us the cold virus in abundance too. On 26th morning, I woke up with a sore throat and hubby seemed to be sneezing since the wee morning hours. Just when I was beginning to process that both of us were down with a cold, I heard footsteps and looking out of the covers I saw Daughter’s puffy face. Just as she climbed in between the both of us as she sometimes likes to, I could feel her burning skin. Thankfully the doctors office was open and hubby took her without delay as at that point he seemed to be doing better than me. Luckily the doctor started her on antibiotics before things got too worse.
By late afternoon, she seemed to be doing a lot better and I was all huddled in bed under 3 covers getting chills like never before and my temperature was around 104. Yeah !! I know wonderful way of spending the holidays 😦 !! Anyway now both of us are on antibiotics and she is doing much better. As for me, the doctor said I should be better in a couple of days.
But whatever comes, we were not giving up on having a good time. So what, we are sick !! That ain’t gonna stop us. That’s where the board games, music and lots of yummy food come in handy ( even though I really don’t have much of an appetite ). Not the most perfect break but it could have been much worse !! But we still have till the end of the week to make up for lost time.
In other news, I’ll be participating in the Blogathon 2016. I’m happy to say this will be my third year. I love it because I hope to read so many of my favorite bloggers who are on a sabbatical for whatever reasons. And after the long holiday season, I tend to feel so low and this gives the perfect reason to have something to look forward to. So if you guys have not already joined in the fun, hop on to Maya’s blog for all the details.
Signing off with wishing all of you a blessed new year. Hope you get all that your heart desires and much much more !! Will see you guys right here on the 1st. Bye bye !!

 Driveway Art !!  
 Playing with long forgotten toys !!

 Kebabs with Honey Whiskey !!

Summer Vacation #1 – Making Memories

We are already into the 3rd week of summer break. And after the initial ‘I miss school’/’I’am bored’/’Staying home is not fun’, I think we have settled quite comfortably and dare I say we are enjoying waking up late, playing outside, having numerous play dates and pretty much all the things that mommy is allowing me to do. Yes once again I’am favoring the unstructured playtime with a little supervision from me and some of the neighborhood moms. So no all day camps for us. Except for our regular gymnastics class and swimming class, I have left her to her own device. We do our mandatory math and language art notebook for one hour. That’s all the time that I demand from her busy schedule.
This year, I’am giving a lot of effort in making memories. For me ‘summer vacation’ was synonymous with fun, cousins, get together at the grand parents, ripe succulent mangoes, nibbling on red juicy watermelon wedges and the like. I’am sure all of us who grew up in the 90’s can identify with me no matter which part of India you come from. And I’am sure our parents didn’t give much thought about making memories. But these days we or at least the husband and I need to consciously put in some thought to build some special memories. With all the geographical boundaries and everyone scattered around the globe, making memories with your closest of kin can cost you a lot 😀 . So we have started our own traditions with the Daughter. 
Like on the last day of school, they had early dismissal at 10:50. Hubby took the day off and we took her out to lunch at her favorite restaurant. She was very happy and then from lunch we went to watch the movie Home. We really had a lovely time and have decided to definitely make this a tradition. It was a wonderful way to start the long summer break and welcome all the fun things that lay ahead of us.
While I know that Daughter’s life is very different from our lives back then, and I for one am not the person who advocates ‘those were the best days’ still don’t want her memories to be trapped only in Dora/Disney vacations/iPad and such. I want her to play outside and get her feet muddy. Have a tea party with friends where they are the princesses rather than attend a princess themed party. Laugh and dance in the rain. Be happy with life’s simple pleasures. 
With the weather being hot and sweaty the last couple of days, dancing in the rain has become a family favorite. Yes we have been getting soaking wet a lot of times, in the last week and trust me the rain melts away all your stresses and relaxes you like nothing else. Atleast  it works wonders for me 🙂 .
I hope these little things help me in making memories for my precious one and someday make her smile.

Leaving for India

The bags are packed. The refrigerator sits empty. The brain is working overtime trying to think if anything is missed. Most of the lists are checked. Yes you guessed it right. We are leaving for India tomorrow. Actually we are flying on Friday but tomorrow we are leaving for New Jersey. We will be flying from JFK this time. God the fares between Pittsburgh and JFK vary greatly. So this time we had decided we will drive to NJ a day before and stay the night at a good-friend-of-ours place. We will keep our car there and go to JFK the next morning.

It is going to be exactly 3 years since we have been to India. We all our so excited, especially Daughter. Have bought her 3 new Mercy Watson books for the journey. Keeping her away from them has been difficult but I have assured her that she will be thankful once she gets the new books during the long travel. Apart from books, the iPad and dvd player should take care of the nonstop 14 hour flight. How I hate flights are a thing that I don’t want to get in today. I am too excited to spoil my mood.

Yesterday was Daughter’s kindergarten registration. We went to the school and got all the formalities done. She was super excited, more so because she found out one of her daycare friend would go to the same school. The greatest part for me was the activities that they have lined up for the kindergarteners are on dates after we get back. So that was a huge relief. It was a big day for us yesterday. I still can’t believe my baby is growing up so fast and is ready to start full day school from this fall. Anyway I have enough time to get used to that idea. I think her grandparents will also be surprised at how much she has grown up since the last time they saw her.

I intend to give updates in between about the vacation but am not exactly sure. Let’s see how it goes. If not, then I will see you guys in the last week of March. Till then take care.