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Sleepy Me – Day 94

A pounding headache….. blurry vision…. sleep deprived…. no, I’m not sick !! We just had the most awesome, amazing time with friends. In the last 48 hours I’ve had probably 6 hours of sleep and 12 hours of traveling. So I really don’t blame my condition. But it’s been a fun weekend even though it was a short one. 

Now we are back in the comforts of our home and there’s nothing an early night will not take care of. So I’ll be off today to catch some much needed sleep.


Happy Times – Day 93

Happiness is waking up to a heartwarming hug from a 4 year old and hearing him say, “Aunty you guys came, I was waiting for you… I love you.” Aaww my heart melted into a heap of mush. How I love this boy !!

As you can guess we reached our friend’s house around 10:30 yesterday night. While their older daughter was awake and waiting, this little boy was asleep, so the moment he woke up today morning he came running to our room to see us. I just love these two kids like they were my own. Even though I was woken up just after 3 hours of sleep, but I couldn’t have been happier.

Ever since it’s been a loud morning with the three kids screaming and playing and singing. While us adults are talking and sipping coffee. These our some of the most precious moments and we look forward to these kinds of breaks every once in a while. Even though it’s going to be a hectic weekend but I know we’ll be happy and recharged with this little break from monotony. 

Study Time – Day 87

Happiness is seeing my 8 year old do her studies without being told to do. We woke up later than usual and finished our breakfast; talked to both our homes. Then I was cleaning the kitchen and Daughter came to me asking to tie her hair. By the time I was done with the kitchen cleaning, I saw her focused with some math problems. That was the best sight. For once I feel all those times of forcing her to sit and study and those times of her thinking I’m being mean is finally worth it. Atlast these things show me that after all the drama a positive habit has taken shape. And Im really thankful for that.

As I type I hear hubby and Daughter trying to work with some algebra problems. Yes in case you are wondering she has figured hubby is the more patient one when dealing with maths and every Sunday they sit for a math session. My job is to take care of the weekly homework and study times. My job is to nag and make sure everything is done. My job is to see she practices the new concepts she works with hubby on Sundays. 

While I know all days won’t be perfect and there will be times I will still need to drag her to the study table, we need to take those as bitter pills and swallow them. We need to put in the hard work now to enjoy the perks later. And I’m sure there will be more days like these as she grows up !!


Satisfying Sunday – Day 73

It’s been a quiet weekend at our end. Daughter seems to be getting better and hopefully if the fever isn’t back today night, she can get back to school tomorrow. But again it’s a little early to say since the fever seems to return with full gusto the last couple of nights after a quiet day. So we have to wait and watch.

Apart from that, the weekend was a nice one. After a long time it was one of those times we didn’t go out and stayed put at home. Lazy mornings, comfort foods, sweet treats, books, movies and games – pretty much sum up our two days. 

The other thing that I’m really grateful for today is hubby giving me the royal treatment today. I pretty much didn’t do anything. The day started with him making the morning coffee and breakfast. We didn’t need to cook today and he took care of reheating the lunch and serving me. I enjoyed it thoroughly. As I type he has served Daughter with her dinner and is cleaning the kitchen. After we put the princess to bed, we can have a little quiet time chatting. 

So with that I sign off today. Will be back tomorrow with more snippets of my life and of course, my thoughts.

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Friday Pointers – Day 71

  • Thanks to all of you who wrote to me regarding Daughter, she is slightly better but the fever is still stuck at 102. But I’m optimistic looking at her otherwise energetic self that hopefully by today evening or tomorrow she should be better. 
  • Even though Friday is my cleaning day but for once I’m ignoring it since once this virus dies down I’m planning to clean and sanitize the whole house. God !! Sometimes I think I need a sanitizer and a tub of Clorox wipes attached to me. Not that it’s helping much. But would it be worse if I wasn’t doing the disinfecting thing that I do all the time ?? I’m not sure if I know the answer to that question.
  • Hubby has been very busy lately and I had planned a nice Friday night dinner at home. Kind of like a date at home but with Daughter not well, I guess that has to wait.
  • After a long time, I finished two books in three days. It’s hard to believe that this was a usual thing once upon a time many moons ago. I also have a Jodi Picoult waiting for me which I can’t wait to start.
  • The weekend ahead seems like it’s going to be a slow one with Daughter being sick and hubby having to work. She doesn’t have theater class tomorrow so that makes it better with not having to miss class. 
  • We are supposed to get some snow today which on a random Friday would put me off. As snow on weekends mean no going out or making the dreadful drive to theater class on Saturday morning. But since we will be cooped up anyway, I feel it would be nice to have a winter wonderland outside.

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Tea Time – Day 61

These days Daughter loves drinking Masala Chai. What started as me trying to coax her in drinking ginger-spiced tea during the onset of colds has now become her asking me to make some on weekends or school holidays. Like I sometimes say, she is a little Ms. Fancy Pants who loves doing things in a fashionable way. So when Ms. Fancy Pants demands we have tea, she wants the whole spread. The dainty tea cups, the tea pot, etc. To be honest I don’t know whether she really enjoys drinking it or the whole jazz that happens with the tea time. 

Now on most occasions I don’t indulge her in getting stuff out of the China cabinet especially because most of that stuff needs to be hand washed. But then again there are rare times that I play along with the Princess’s wishes. Yesterday was one such.

Of course in return I asked her to clean her room and organize her desk. Oh !! And do her homework. Did you really think I’ll take all that trouble and let her easy. But I did it in a way that she didn’t realize it was work in return. So as they say alls well that ends well.

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Simple Sunday – Day 59

Looking and reading about everyone’s pongal celebrations made me want to cook an elaborate spread too. Today being Sunday gave me the perfect opportunity to make some of the family favorites. I made some of the traditional Bengali dishes which we all love. I asked the hubby and Daughter to set the formal dining room table which is rarely used. On a regular basis we generally use our breakfast area to have all our meals. The dining room is hardly used. It’s only these days that we eat at the dining room on Sundays. 

Daughter is always excited when we eat in the formal dining room because she feels we are celebrating something. It felt nice to sit back and talk while devouring the yummy food. Now that Daughter is a little older, it amazes us how nicely we can all converse about so many different things. 
The menu was simple :-

  • Split Masoor Dal with cauliflower
  • Potato fry
  • Alu Posto
  • Egg curry
  • Keema 
  • Rice
  • Salad

It reminded me of the lost in time long ago afternoons back home when this kind of meals were a norm for Sunday. Almost every Sunday the menu would be the same with very little variation but we were never tired of the same food. On the contrary we looked forward to these meals when all of us would sit together and eat with FM on in the background. So much has changed since then – baba is no more, mum eats her Sunday lunch all by herself and I have a family of my own. Amidst Daughter’s constant banter I had this strange bittersweet feeling wishing all of us could be together. 

Blogathon 2017 #Day15

Just another Saturday …. – Day 58

It’s been a typical Saturday for us. A nice relaxing day but also where my to do list is checked. After my crazy day yesterday I needed this random slow yet satisfying kind of day. 

Unlike other Saturdays I didn’t get up bright and early today. Yesterday night I went over board with my drinks and I had way too many. I have no idea why the hubby didn’t stop me but he indulges me a little too much. I enjoy a couple of drinks on the weekends but yesterday I guess the craziness continued. So it wasn’t surprising when I didn’t sleep good and woke up with a bad headache. Unlike other days when I could have slept in, I had to take Daughter to theater class today. So I quickly took a really warm shower and that felt heavenly. Coming down I saw the hubby already anticipating my sorry state was grinning from ear to ear. But he had also taken care of our breakfast and handed me a steaming cup of coffee. Soon the Daughter and I were out of the door.

Class was same old. But with next week being their big show, they worked extra hard today. Like I said earlier, this time she is the lead character (Snow White) and has two solo songs and lots of lines and expressions to work on. I’m so excited for next week and can’t wait to see her perform. After coming back from class, we decided to go out for lunch. We were supposed to get icy conditions by evening, so we didn’t venture anywhere much and came back home after a good lunch. The Daughter and hubby wanted to watch a Harry Potter movie. So we just stopped at the library and picked up the movie.

After coming home I went straight to bed for a nice long nap while the other two made themselves comfy for the movie. Anyway after that I just went to Sams Club after my super long nap. Now it’s almost dinner time and I think I should finish here without dragging this post any further. But what can I say Blogathon doesn’t feel the same without some crappy posts 😜😜

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