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A Little Lonesome

Conjoined at the hip for the last 17 years !! Yes that’s how the hubby and I are described. We have almost always been together. Luckily his last job didn’t require a lot of travel. And to top it off he’s been working from home a lot these past two years. So everything was perfect in our small world. While I heard a lot of complaints from friends whose husbands work from home, I loved it. Yes there were moments when I needed the space but all in all the arrangement worked great for us.

Even though he was always at his desk in his office, I would sit by on the chaise next to him and drink coffee without really talking. There were moments when I could just go and hug him. So when he landed his dream job, we knew things would not be the same. Actually saying ‘not be the same’ is underrating it…. let’s say things would change drastically!!

From early on we had decided that he would move first because we didn’t want Daughter to move in the middle of the year. And I also wanted to sell this house before we made the final move in summer. While planning about the stuff and taking the responsibilities I was all for it, but living it is a different ball game all together.

It’s just been 5 days since he’s left and Daughter and I are also visiting him next week but I still feel like it’s been an eternity. I miss him constantly and I’ve been dreading the weekend. The only good part is that Daughter will be home. The next two months are going to be extremely difficult.

Tomorrow I’ve planned on taking Daughter out to the mall. I’ll spend some time spoiling her with some shopping. She loves Justice and Claire’s. So that’s where we will be heading. And then we’ll go to lunch. Because this not-so-little Daddy’s Princess is not used to being without her daddy either. And I must say she’s being a trooper. It’s amazing how much responsible she’s become just because she knows that I’m by myself. I couldn’t be more proud!!

So on that happy note I’ll sign off. Hope you guys have a good weekend!!


Nice Day – Day 26

Today the hubby and I had a lot of running around to do. So we started our day with dropping the Daughter to school and going out for coffee. It’s a newly opened cafe. We shared a blueberry muffin and a cinnamon scone between both of us. Then we ran our errands and took care of all the stuff that needed attention. We had originally planned to have lunch out but then decided against it. So came back and ate some leftover.

Afternoon hubby and I spent some quality time together without Daughter. It felt good to have him all to myself after a long time. Even though we spent the day taking care of some work, but it felt good to do it together. I always feel a sense of security and comfort when I hold his hand. It’s going to be 17 years of marital bliss in a couple of months but he still gives me the butterflies.

We went to the mall for a little bit once Daughter came home from school. Now we’ve ordered some Chinese and are planning to do what we do most weekends. If you guys have been reading me for a while, you’ll know what it is !! Cmon guess….. scroll down for the answer!!






You give up…. its family board game/card game/uno time …. so if you have any of those answers you are right 🍫🎁🏆


Sweet Delight – Day 21


Made these coconut filled sweet crepes (patishapta in Bengali) for the hubby today. He loves these and I’ve been wanting to make them for quite a while. Ultimately I managed it today. Needless to say my man was happy and I was especially thrilled since the picky eater Daughter gave me her nod of approval too.

Tomorrow is a big day at our home. We’ll be having Saraswati puja. So I plan to do an early dinner tonight after which the kitchen needs to be cleaned really good. Tomorrow will be a busy day for me as I will be making the bhog.

I feel like I’m coming down with something as I’m feeling extremely tired. Hopefully whatever it is can wait till Tuesday. I can’t afford to be sick tomorrow.

Will sign off now and catch you guys tomorrow!!


Saturday Bullets – Day 19

  • Woke up to a beautiful day promising sunshine.
  • Went out to the city and took advantage of the good weather.
  • Walked the street and did a lot of window shopping.
  • Ate lunch at our favorite Thai place.
  • Brought home some delicious desserts from a local bakery.
  • Spent the day carefree and happy.
  • Now sitting with my favorite drink and chatting with my two favorite people.

Will come back and chat more tomorrow!!


Sweet Struggles – Day 14

pic courtesy:google

Greetings for which ever festival you’re celebrating today. May you all be blessed with good health, happiness, peace and prosperity !!

We Bengali’s celebrate Makar Sankranti by making loads of sweet delicacies. But the last few years I haven’t made all the festive goodies since it’s another sugar indulgence. So I just made our regular Sunday lunch. As for the dessert, we just drooled over the Facebook and WhatsApp pics. So unfair, I tell you. If those images were not enough then came a memory wave when the hubby and I were telling our childhood stories to Daughter. I could almost smell my dida’s(maternal grandmother) kitchen. Simple sweets that she made for all of us. How she would fry the hot malpuas and we would finish them in no time. How the dining table would have so many different varieties of sweets. Friends and family would visit just to taste the heavenly sweets. Precious memories, sweeter than those sugar laden sweets.

After the torture of memories and pictures, I gave up on the sugar resistance. Made some kheer to save my soul. I’ve decided from next year I’ll make some of our traditional sweets. Not so much for tradition but looking at pics and not having any to treat yourself is pure torture.

Tomorrow Daughter has a holiday but not so much luck for the hubby. But that means I can sleep an extra hour 💃🏻💃🏻. Now off I go to join the clan in a game of our favorite Ludo. Will talk to you all tomorrow.


Together – Day 12

Today was a perfect family day. It started with Daughter getting in our bed early in the morning and ever since we’ve been having some unadulterated family time. Lately the hubby and I’ve been stressed a lot. Today we decided to keep all our worries at bay and just relax.

After a long time we cooked together, listened to music and played uno. We laughed loud and hard. The worries are still there. But for today we decided to rest our minds from those endless thoughts. Tomorrow too we’ll let ourselves relax. Enjoy these precious moments. Make some memories.

I’m sure life will throw us another curve ball once we get over this one but if we let them consume us then we’ll miss out these precious moments. So on that note, we’ve decided to hold off our worries for another great day tomorrow!!


Weekend is here… – Day 12

Thunderstorm!! The rain is pounding hard. I can see lightening not so far away. Masala tea is bubbling in the background. The pressure cooker’s whistle announces that the mutton curry for dinner is done. It’s a perfect start for a snowed in weekend. I don’t think, there are chances of venturing out for at least another day which means loads of family time. Hopefully it will be a nice relaxing fun weekend. What are your plans ??


Sunday Traditions – Day 7

So we’ve made this tradition of proper Sunday lunch for quite a while. We’ve been doing this for a little over a year. I think I’ve mentioned it here, how we like to set our formal dinner table and make an elaborate spread. Of course as elaborate as a family of 3 can handle.

On Sundays, I try making traditional food mostly Bengali. It’s a nice way of introducing different flavors, vegetables to the Daughter. As for us, it’s a trip down to the simple days of our childhood. Often we share so many stories about our earlier days that’s connected to the said dish.

While the starting of this tradition was not planned, I’ve seen we all really look forward to our simple Sunday lunch and have really tried to keep up this ritual. We try to avoid going out before lunch. And a lot of times, we plan our Sunday feast well in advance. I generally ask both the Daughter and the hubby before planning or sometimes the haul from the Indian grocery store plans the meal itself.

Anyway today the hubby and Daughter started another tradition on a whim. They’ve decided to make me coffee and breakfast every Sunday morning. I’m not sure how long the enthu will last or will they even remember next week. But for today I’m happy and hopeful. Maybe this is going to be another one of our cherished traditions.


Snippets Of Our Saturday – Day 6

We’re back home after running from one store to the other. Today was one such day where it seemed I needed something from every store. Daughter especially hates these kind of shopping days but today she didn’t have any choice but to trudge along.

The only good part about today’s running around was the awesome lunch. We had a lovely lunch at one of our favorite Indian restaurant. And now we are so full that we plan to skip dinner or eat something very light.

Thankfully now everything is done and we’re back in the comforts of our home. Hubby is doing some work and Daughter is studying after which she has to practice piano. She wasn’t too happy about it but these days with age she understands when to press my buttons and when not. I’ve just finished putting away stuff and have switched on the electric blanket.

While that heats up, I’ll clean the fresh methi (fenugreek) leaves for tomorrow and prep somethings for tomorrow morning. Later we can have some good family time with a board game or a hand of cards/uno.

So what did you guys do today ??


Sleepy Me – Day 94

A pounding headache….. blurry vision…. sleep deprived…. no, I’m not sick !! We just had the most awesome, amazing time with friends. In the last 48 hours I’ve had probably 6 hours of sleep and 12 hours of traveling. So I really don’t blame my condition. But it’s been a fun weekend even though it was a short one. 

Now we are back in the comforts of our home and there’s nothing an early night will not take care of. So I’ll be off today to catch some much needed sleep.