Random Evening – Day 23

Daughter has to finish and submit a project tomorrow. I needed to do laundry and was cooped up in our bedroom. So Daughter and the hubby who was helping her finish, came and spread their work on the floor. Now that I’m done with my work, I’ll go and help them wrap up.



Happy Saraswati Puja – Day 22

Tired to my last bone. Have been cooking and doing everything that goes along with having a puja at home. Most of the work at my end is done. Waiting for the hubby and Daughter to return back from her piano class. Daughter loves decorating our little puja room with flowers and candles. After she gets back and takes a shower, she’ll decorate with hubby’s help while I finish making the prasad. Then we’ll do our little puja followed by eating the prasad.

As with most festivals, I cooked a lot since yesterday. All the typical must haves of Saraswati puja. Of course there are certain things that aren’t available here but other than that I think I did pretty good. So the good part is once I clean my kitchen tonight, I don’t think I’ll need to cook till Thursday. Yay !! After today I think I’ll need that :).

As for today, even though I’m exhausted, but there’s a feel good that’s there too. I’m so glad I’m able to give Daughter these little glimpses of our culture and making our own family traditions. And doing any kind of puja at home brings a feeling of positivity and peace in me. Yeah, getting old I guess !!


Sweet Delight – Day 21


Made these coconut filled sweet crepes (patishapta in Bengali) for the hubby today. He loves these and I’ve been wanting to make them for quite a while. Ultimately I managed it today. Needless to say my man was happy and I was especially thrilled since the picky eater Daughter gave me her nod of approval too.

Tomorrow is a big day at our home. We’ll be having Saraswati puja. So I plan to do an early dinner tonight after which the kitchen needs to be cleaned really good. Tomorrow will be a busy day for me as I will be making the bhog.

I feel like I’m coming down with something as I’m feeling extremely tired. Hopefully whatever it is can wait till Tuesday. I can’t afford to be sick tomorrow.

Will sign off now and catch you guys tomorrow!!


Saturday Bullets – Day 19

  • Woke up to a beautiful day promising sunshine.
  • Went out to the city and took advantage of the good weather.
  • Walked the street and did a lot of window shopping.
  • Ate lunch at our favorite Thai place.
  • Brought home some delicious desserts from a local bakery.
  • Spent the day carefree and happy.
  • Now sitting with my favorite drink and chatting with my two favorite people.

Will come back and chat more tomorrow!!


Some day – Day 18

It’s such a beautiful feeling when a friend WhatsApps you a mail that you had written almost 17 years ago. It brought back a lot of fond memories. I haven’t met her in the last 17years. She stays in Bangalore and when I go to India, we always go to Kolkata. But somehow we’ve managed to stay in touch. The funniest thing is we were neighbors for only 3 short months and that’s the duration of our ‘real friendship’. Rest has been virtual. How I wish we could meet again. Probably some day somewhere we’ll definitely make our plan happen. Till then we’ll chat in this virtual world.


Day 17

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This has been my mantra since the end of 2017. Even though I questioned it in the beginning which only led to negativity and hopelessness. But soon I got over it and did the best in my capability.

Do I trust it completely ?? No !! But I’m trying. And the funniest thing is I’m not sure whether everything happens for a reason or not. When things are rosy and hunky-dory, you don’t really question anything. It’s only when you start swimming in a storm, that all these come to mind. And I definitely found solace and optimism when I think that everything has a reason. It helps my sanity. It gives me hope.


I wish …. – Day 16

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I came across this on a day that’s already very tough for me. I remember after you passed away, I would call your cell to hear your ring tone/caller tune. Your favorite song, Eric Clapton’s ‘Wonderful Tonight’ would play and in no time I would feel the tears trickling down. Deleting your number from my phone almost felt like I was erasing you from my life. I felt I was somehow betraying you. I think I couldn’t bring myself to do it for about a year.

But as they say life moves on and mine did too. Yet in these 8 years, not a day has passed when I didn’t think of you.

Today marks the completion of 8th year since you left us. What I would give to have you back in my life again. What I would give to hear your voice again. Would I would give, only if my phone said ‘Baba calling’.


Write up – Day 15

So many of you wanted to read a piece of Daughter’s writing. This is a writing she wrote for a graded work at school. They were asked to watch a program on tv where for the first half the audio would be off and the second half they would just hear and not see. Then they had to write on the experience and not the show.

For a 9 year old, I thought she showed clarity in thought and her writing was matured. Of course I’m a biased mom. Hope you guys enjoy reading this.

Mimi Tv Experience Paper – By E.B.

I watched a show for half an hour with 15 minutes of not-using my vision and the next15 minutes of not using my hearing. It was strange not being able to use all my senses. In those short minutes, I realized the anguish and helplessness of not having all my senses. I was restless just experiencing it. Now imagine not being able to see your hands in front of your eyes. Shouting, but not knowing it. In the first few minutes of starting this project, I realized how lucky Iam. Not everyone can take these little things for granted.

Being deaf is hard. I turned the volume full way down. I watched, trying to make out emotions by watching faces and actions. I could not make out a word by looking at people’s lips. I pressed my ear to the speaker but couldn’t hear. Just like a deaf person, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t hear. To me, being deaf is like falling through empty space. No matter how hard you try you can’t stop. There might have been a million things you could have done on solid ground, you could have stopped your fall. Too late, just air below. Imagine never hearing the pitter-patter of the raindrops on your window or sounds of a thunderstorm. Or birds tweeting in the morning. Never knowing the sounds of waves crashing. I wouldn’t be able to hear my own piano playing. I can’t even imagine never hearing the voice of my parents. I was so glad when the time was up and I could turn up the volume again. It’s so unfair that some will never get that chance that I’m blessed with. It makes no difference no matter how used to it you are. It’s hard.

Aaahh !!! Where did the world go ? Many must feel ! Aaahh !! Where did the movie I was watching go ?? I thought when I flipped my tablet over to cover the screen. I relied on hearing to understand the turn of events. But I missed seeing the emotions that accompanies the voice. It’s difficult to hear the happiness and not see the beautiful smile. I heard a car but couldn’t see the make or color. That’s when I thought people who are born blind don’t even know what a car looks like. No one should go through this, it’s worse than being deaf was my first thought. I could see other things though. Those who are blind only see blackness, or whiteness, maybe just light. But not the purple walls of my room. Just the emptiness where the world in your eyes should stand. No one deserves this, I thought as I turned around my tablet to reveal what many will never see.

Everything made me think, poor Hellen Keller !! Freedom never felt better !! It’s sad !! So many people are deaf, or blind, or both !! The world to them is a blank page. No one can do anything about it. Just doing this project made me realize how lucky I am !!


Sweet Struggles – Day 14

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Greetings for which ever festival you’re celebrating today. May you all be blessed with good health, happiness, peace and prosperity !!

We Bengali’s celebrate Makar Sankranti by making loads of sweet delicacies. But the last few years I haven’t made all the festive goodies since it’s another sugar indulgence. So I just made our regular Sunday lunch. As for the dessert, we just drooled over the Facebook and WhatsApp pics. So unfair, I tell you. If those images were not enough then came a memory wave when the hubby and I were telling our childhood stories to Daughter. I could almost smell my dida’s(maternal grandmother) kitchen. Simple sweets that she made for all of us. How she would fry the hot malpuas and we would finish them in no time. How the dining table would have so many different varieties of sweets. Friends and family would visit just to taste the heavenly sweets. Precious memories, sweeter than those sugar laden sweets.

After the torture of memories and pictures, I gave up on the sugar resistance. Made some kheer to save my soul. I’ve decided from next year I’ll make some of our traditional sweets. Not so much for tradition but looking at pics and not having any to treat yourself is pure torture.

Tomorrow Daughter has a holiday but not so much luck for the hubby. But that means I can sleep an extra hour 💃🏻💃🏻. Now off I go to join the clan in a game of our favorite Ludo. Will talk to you all tomorrow.