Conversations – Day 17


One of the first few blogs that I read was one of a mommy blogger. I don’t quite remember the blog now but during the first days of my blog hopping journey I remember I was hooked on her blog. But sadly it was just around the time that I started reading her blog that she decided to put an end to her blogging journey. Even though I missed her writing but I found many other such blogs. Every time there was one thing that really moved me. It was the way these mommies recorded the milestones and all big and small things about their babies. They were inspiring but I failed to start something like that. To me reading was even better. It was like a sneak peek at people’s lives. And what amazed me most were so many of us were kind of living almost identical lives. It was fun to read to say the least. Well This post is not about that. It is about some of the recent conversations that Daughter and I have been having. I thought at least I can record some of it now. Here are some of them:


Daughter: Who do you love the most, mama?

Me: Of course you, sweetheart.

Daughter: What about your parents? Don’t you love them?

Me: Sure I love them, but I love you the most.

Daughter: Mama when I grow up and have a baby, I will still love you the most. No matter what I will always love you up to the sky and beyond.

I was turned into mush for the rest of the day.


While waking Daughter up for school in one of these cold winter morning:

Me: Wake up honey, we are getting late.

Daughter: It’s too cold, mama.

Me: I know sweetie but we still need to get up and do everything.

Daughter: I wish I could hibernate and wake up when its summer.


On a regular day while asking Daughter to eat a little faster:

Me: Why don’t you chew your food a little faster?

Daughter: Hmmmm

Me: You know God has given you teeth. You should use them, you know.

Daughter: But mama I always do.

Me: (getting really mad) Stop arguing and do what you are asked.

Daughter: But mama I always use them to smile.

Me: Where do I bang my head!!!


I am working on something and Daughter is yapping away nineteen to a dozen. I try to be patient and indulgent hoping she would stop but it doesn’t happen.

Me: Sweetie, mama is trying to work here.

Daughter: Ok (and carries on yapping)

Me: Honey, why don’t you give your throat a little rest.

Daughter: But my throat needs exercise too.

Me: Now what do I say to that??


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