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Some day – Day 18

It’s such a beautiful feeling when a friend WhatsApps you a mail that you had written almost 17 years ago. It brought back a lot of fond memories. I haven’t met her in the last 17years. She stays in Bangalore and when I go to India, we always go to Kolkata. But somehow we’ve managed to stay in touch. The funniest thing is we were neighbors for only 3 short months and that’s the duration of our ‘real friendship’. Rest has been virtual. How I wish we could meet again. Probably some day somewhere we’ll definitely make our plan happen. Till then we’ll chat in this virtual world.



Sleepy Me – Day 94

A pounding headache….. blurry vision…. sleep deprived…. no, I’m not sick !! We just had the most awesome, amazing time with friends. In the last 48 hours I’ve had probably 6 hours of sleep and 12 hours of traveling. So I really don’t blame my condition. But it’s been a fun weekend even though it was a short one. 

Now we are back in the comforts of our home and there’s nothing an early night will not take care of. So I’ll be off today to catch some much needed sleep.

Happy Times – Day 93

Happiness is waking up to a heartwarming hug from a 4 year old and hearing him say, “Aunty you guys came, I was waiting for you… I love you.” Aaww my heart melted into a heap of mush. How I love this boy !!

As you can guess we reached our friend’s house around 10:30 yesterday night. While their older daughter was awake and waiting, this little boy was asleep, so the moment he woke up today morning he came running to our room to see us. I just love these two kids like they were my own. Even though I was woken up just after 3 hours of sleep, but I couldn’t have been happier.

Ever since it’s been a loud morning with the three kids screaming and playing and singing. While us adults are talking and sipping coffee. These our some of the most precious moments and we look forward to these kinds of breaks every once in a while. Even though it’s going to be a hectic weekend but I know we’ll be happy and recharged with this little break from monotony. 

Sleepover Fun – Day 42

Happiness is watching two giggling girls. Yesterday Daughter’s friend was over for a sleepover. They played dress ups, watched a movie with a giant bowl of popcorn, snacked on cookies and camped in their sleeping bags on the living room floor. Best of all was they were giggling the whole way through. Giggling away just how only little girls can. It was fun to watch them and their happiness was infectious.

While they watched their kiddie movie, the Hubby and I watched our grown up movie in the basement. A fun time was had by all.

Missed Call – Day 30

Happiness is getting an unexpected call from a friend from long time back. She was a neighbor friend. Right after we were married back in 2001, we lived in Delhi for 3 months. We had this amazing couple with a little kid who lived in the apartment right across. In those three months we became best of friends. She was simply a lovely person. Both our husbands worked long hours and we spent practically the whole day together. 

The hubby and I absolutely loved their daughter and the feeling was reciprocated by that little girl who was a 1.5 yr old toddler. She was almost always at her house and no matter when hubby came home, she would make her mom open their door so that she could hug the hubby. Anyway those are beautiful memories of a very short time.

Anyway we moved to the US right after that. This was way before the Orkut/Facebook era. We kept in touch through mail but gradually lost touch. Then I found her on Fb and sent her a friend request pretty sure that she must have forgotten about us. But she quickly messaged me back and we updated each other with our lives. From then on we have messaged each other pretty regularly. Somehow I have been meaning to talk to her but that never happened and I don’t want to give any excuses for that.

Today morning I was pretty surprised when I saw a missed call from her and my first reaction was she did it by mistake. I Watsapped her back and she apologized for not realizing the time difference and calling. I was so happy. Today we were kind of busy and I promised to call her back on Monday and that I will. Funny how that one missed call made my day and I had so many memories coming back to me the whole of today.

Sleepy Sunday – Day 10

Yesterday we reached home after 8 at night. Our friends S and In along with their kids were supposed to spend the night at our place and leave today after an early breakfast. We had already decided to order pizza so that I didn’t have to cook after the long drive. The kids were all super hyper after they got home, so I quickly sent Daughter for shower while I unpacked. 

Rest everything was easy. They had dinner and went straight to bed after having back to back late nights. The two girls slept together and we could hear them giggling for some time. We decided to let them be since it was their last night together. All of us were pretty tired but we chatted for sometime. Once again the hubby and S went to bed around midnight while In and I stayed up until after 3 once again. See I told you that’s what happens every night with her and me around 🙂 .

Today morning I whipped them a quick breakfast of buttered-cinnamon-toast, sausage and eggs. We quickly finished eating and after the kids hugged, kissed and hugged some more they were off. Right after they pulled out of our driveway we headed up to our bedroom since I was still very sleepy and tired. And at 10 o’clock in the morning we dozed right off. 

I was still in deep sleep when my Daughter decided to nudge me and announce she was hungry. It was almost 3 !! We quickly came down and had some leftover pizza for lunch. After that things were a drag. We cleaned the house and got some regular chores done. After all the fun and laughter, the quiet feels good. It feels nice to put our feet up and unwind. Daughter also has been reading pretty much the whole time. I think we are just happy to be back in our space. So that brings an end to our super duper long weekend. Daughter still has tomorrow off and that means a mommy-n-me-time.

Driving Back – Day 9

After a wonderful break, we are driving back home as I type. We still have another couple of hours before we reach home. We really had an amazing time. Our friends T and A who hosted the thanksgiving this year are one of the most gracious hosts ever. The food and party planning was exceptional well done. I always prided myself for planning and thinking ahead of time but I feel no shame in taking a bow and giving her the crown. 
After all this hullabaloo, I’m happy to return home and have a good night sleep in my own bed. Yes, I think I’ve mentioned quite a few times while I like hanging out with friends and having a good time but I kind of start missing my own space after a while. This year our thanksgiving stay was a night longer than usual and I really thought I might get a little cranky but there are rare times I enjoy every bit of it. 
Anyway I don’t feel too comfortable typing for long in a moving vehicle and especially in these winding roads. So before I start feeling sick, I need to sign off on a Happy note.

Fun and Drive – Day 6

Our friends S and In arrived yesterday night along with their kids (whom I claim to be mine). Daughter was asleep by the time they reached our house. I had made some dessert for the kids as I knew the little ones would be done with their dinner. They quickly had some and changed in their night suits to get in bed. After the kids were tucked in, we adults settled for a late dinner. Dinner stretched in for over an hour. We ate then chatted then helped ourselves to some more and the saga continued for sometime. After dinner the boys went to bed while In and I stayed up till 5 in the morning. The both of us are notoriously famous for chatting when the whole house sleeps peacefully. It happens every time. 

Infact at 5, In told me there wasn’t any point going to bed. Thank God good sense prevailed and I told her we better get at least a couple of hours of sleep before the 5 hour journey. With her I know each night is going to be just the same and from tonight two other ladies will join the fun. By the time, we return on Saturday night we will be so sleep deprived !!! But whose complaining ??!!

Right now I’m typing while In is driving. The boys have the two girls and we have their little boy. We are having lots of fun chatting and laughing. It’s been a long time I’m traveling with a girlfriend. While I enjoy going on drives with the hubby but this is different and fun. After a long time I’m not the only one chatting. With the hubby it’s generally me whose chatting away while he answers in monosyllables. With In it’s me who generally listens. So I sign off here and better get back to the conversation before she kicks me off the car. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving all of you !!